Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday 8/12/09 - "POWER TO SET MYSELF FREE"


"Freedom from despair and frustration can come only from changing, in myself, the attitudes that are maintaining the conditions that cause me grief.

I have the power to set myself free by conquering the personal shortcomings that chain me to my problems. And not the least of these is the short-sightedness that has made me refuse to accept responsibility for the way I am."
(From "One Day At A Time In Al-Anon", August 11, p. 224)

How amazing it is to discover that it is not the other person - how they act, what they say, or what they think about me that sets me free. The power to do this lies within myself. What a marvelous discovery. I learned that I am responsible. I am responsible for my life - how I react to things, my attitudes, and my behaviors.

These are some of the ways I am free today:

I am free to feel. I no longer censor or deny my feelings. Today I can cry, laugh, be angry, acknowledge any feelings I may have. I no longer judge them. They are what they are.

I am free to choose who I wish to have relationships with and those I prefer to keep at a distance. I can set boundaries. I can protect myself from people who are not healthy to be around. I can surround myself with people who are on the same path to recovery that I am on.

I am free to say "no". I am free to say "no" without having to explain myself. I am free to decide what is best for me and if something is not in my best interest, I can decline. I can say "no" just because.

I am free to hold on to negative feelings and thoughts OR let them go.

I am free to choose the God of my understanding.

I am free to disclose things about myself as I choose and free to keep private what I feel should be kept private. I am free to share these private things with my sponsor and that is what I do. It is secrets that have the power to make me sick. I am free to share them and stay healthy.

I am free to reach out to help others. I am free to be gracious and not take it as a personal affront should they reject my offer.

I am free to allow others to be who they are. I am free to allow others their life experiences.

I am free to love God, hold whatever beliefs I may have, and pray as I am led to pray.

I am free to blog. I am free to write whatever I choose to share.

Happy to be free and praying you are free too,
Prayer Girl


Steve E. said...

I knew you when you did not know so much. When did you get so smart?

Where was I?

See there it is--it's all about me.

Andrew said...

Yes Anna. It is the freedom that comes from sobriety that is so precious and so necessary to continue in sobriety.

Nickswife said...

Thank you for the timely (for me) post.


The above link is to the song "I am Free" by the Newsboys. Please listen if you can. I go to a church where about 3/4 of the men are in either an on-site rehab program or in a Dept. of Corrections work release program. Imagine men in their state-issued "blues" singing, "I am Free." The strength of the human spirit is awesome!

Tall Karen said...

Happy, joyous and FREE! Freed from the bondage of self...Amen! Great post PG. Lots of good, happy vibes here :-}

Kay said...

Freedom is bliss...and I am responsible, just not for you :) I think that is important to remember as well

Akannie said...

Thanks for a beautiful post, girlie girl. I needed this!!


Just Be Real said...

I just love the idea that you are free to do all these things PG. Wonderful and amen! Blessings dear one, thank you for sharing!!

Madison said...

A lifetime of learning here. I like the mention that you are responsible for how you react. For me, in stressful situations, how to react has to be a decision made ahead of time. If I react any old way I feel like reacting at the time, oh, this does not work out well. Another good point is that you no longer feel suicidal. The fact that you did and now you don't is hopeful for anyone reading who thinks that this feeling will never pass. Very thoughtful post. Thanks.

Lou said...

Thanks so much, PG. I pray my Andrew is free some day.

Your comment today meant a lot to me. It was kind of you to take the time.

Shadow said...

your 'i am free' list is outstanding! gonna take some pointers from you there...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


I love the song Nickswife posted, it's fun to be in a room full of people jumping and singing and dancing to that particular song :)

Syd said...

I like that I can be free if I so choose. I don't know why I kept myself so locked down for so long. It is great to experience a freedom of spirit. Thanks for this great post. So much wisdom.