Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday, 8/4/09 - "SWEET MOMENTS"


I "choose" today to think about some "Sweet Moments" in my life.

I wrote a 55 a few Fridays ago titled "First Kiss" -- what a very sweet moment. I think it is pretty hard to recreate the mystery, surprise, and beauty of a first kiss. The boy on the other end of that moment became my first boyfriend. Being the 'all or none' kind of person I am, I always either had no guy or was madly and wildly love. This fellow was the latter and it lasted at least a year and a half - each day sweeter than the next - first kiss and first love!

I remember my first prom. My mother's parents lived in Illinois. My grandmother had died some years before when she was in her 80s. My grandfather finally agreed to come to Washington, D.C. with two of his unmarried daughters for a visit with our family. By then he was 90. He missed his wife so deeply. He was visiting at the time of my prom. I had a pink satin prom dress, hair all done up, and as I came down the stairs to meet my date, my grandfather began to cry. Later I learned he cried because he said I looked like my grandmother when they were young. As nostalgic and somewhat sad as this was, it was still a sweet, sweet moment in my life.

No list of sweet moments could be complete without the birth of my two beautiful children. They were precious to me from the first moment I held them in my arms, continued through some of those not so cherished times in life, and remain most treasured always.

The day I walked down the aisle to meet my Mr. Steveroni at the altar was one of the sweetest and God-given moments of my life.

That first sweet moment when God used my touch to heal a dear friend will live in my heart always.

Today, every single sober day I live is a sweetest moment of my life day after day after cherished day.

May you have a sweet moment today,
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Sweet Moments by Cindy Harter)


Madison said...

Now that's just an awesome post.

vicariousrising said...

Reading your post today was a sweet moment for me. Thank you for sharing yours.

Tall Karen said...

Very precious. These are the moments we cherish for the rest of our lives.

Lou said...

This makes me think of the many, many sweets moments I have been blessed with.

Andrew said...

Thank you Anna. I would love a sweet moment today.

Gin said...

This was beautiful PG. I'm sure Mr. Steveroni would agree that your marriage was one of the sweetest moments in his life too.

Shadow said...

great sweet moments you've told us about here... may your list continue to grow!

clean and crazy said...

i am filled with your sweet moments i love the story of your grandpa, i loved my grandpa so much and still miss him dearly, that is truly a blessed moment in time.

Syd said...

I am having those moments today as well. Thanks for making me remember some from the past. You are a great person Anna.

Cat said...

This post helps me swell with gratitude! Thanks PG!

Tall Karen said...

Hey Ms. PG:

Your absence is noticed. All okay?

Hugs to you.