Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday 8/26/09 - "HAPPINESS ALIGHTS"


"Happiness is as a butterfly which,
when pursued,
is always beyond our grasp,
but which if you will sit down quietly,

may alight upon you."

Nathaniel Hawthorne

This describes the way God speaks to me, influences my life at times. I must always be taking positive and constructive actions, but I also need to remember that no matter how hard I pursue something I need also sit quietly until, if it is God's will, what I pursue comes to me.
("God could and would if He were sought" - NOT 'caught'.)

I took the action of the 12 steps - "THE" result being I had a "SPIRITUAL AWAKENING", but that awakening, that connection with God was God's action. I do the work, God produces the results.

"In silence He listens to us; in silence He speaks to our souls. In silence we are granted the privilege of listening to His voice.
Silence of our eyes.

Silence of our ears.
Silence of our mouths.

...in the silence of the heart
God will speak."

---Mother Teresa, from "No Greater Love"

In the silence, the butterfly alights.

Stunning blues and splashing yellows bright
Red flash and glint of black catching light

On gently blowing breezes kaleidoscope arrives
Flutters in, alights upon me, so brilliantly alive

In the hush of shaded day I sit in silence and in peace

Its endless darting here and there suddenly has ceased

Into my quiet self it slips - an overwhelming urge

To let this precious gift from God within my spirit merge

Prayer Girl

P.S. The inside commotion has passed. All is well.


Andrew said...

So glad that it has passed and happiness alights.

Tall Kay said...

I just adore you PG! Your spirit is soaring again. And wise words I need to hear...sit quiet and listen. I think that's what I haven't been taking the time to do. God bless you and hope you are enjoying this quiet time at home.

Steve E. said...

If Mother theresa said it, I'll BUY it!

wolfie185 said...

Love the butterfly, to me a butterfly has always been a symbol of God's love and presents, there is just something extremely spiritual in sitting still and watching a butterfly at close range and if we are luck it will land on us. I also identify butterflies with transformation, as we grow spiritually we transform from crawling earth dwellers into beautiful flying creatures by God's grace. The actions we take are so important in sustaining flight, I had to take those actions today myself, quiet mediation being just a part of it.
Like always I love and appreciate your post. So glad you are feeling better!!!!

Kay said...

what an inspiration you are! blessedly so

Just Be Real said...

Glad to have you back PG! Thank you for sharing. Blessings dear one and hugs.....

Gin said...

Now I hear the content and happy PG in your words. Yay!!!!

Paula said...

Hugs, glad to have u around again xxx

James Oh said...

PG, I am more than happy to see you in high spirit again. Thanks for sharing your wise words.

God will bless you always

Lou said...

Yes, yes, yes..to all of it!

g-man said...

You write so beautifully...
But you gotta be careful, even butterflies take a dump every so often...:P

Syd said...

Glad that you are feeling better. You have such a positive message.

clean and crazy said...

my spirit is lifted.. thanks for posting this. i have been so busy i have not had time to stop by and leave comments.

Carol said...

I missed you last post, didn't know there was commotion, several of us have been hit lately! Thanks for your comments and encouragement.

Findon said...

Do you know PG, when ever I read your posts, and its always, I get a warm,all right with the world feeling, so long as I just stick to the basics. You never fail me. I love your shares they are so right and to the point.

Shadow said...

i'm happy to see the light has returned...