Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday, 4/13/09 - "IMAGES OF EASTER"


Thoughts about Easter and what it means to me!
  • Easter is resurrection - victory over death - eternal life - renewal - rebirth
  • Easter is joy, love, hope, faith
  • Easter is forgiving and being forgiven
  • Easter is Springtime - flowering shrubs, trees, flowers, grass, all things new
  • I think of green, pink, yellow, blue, lavender, purple, beautiful vibrant colors, a riot of rich color
  • Easter is the mystery and excitement of little ones running all over hunting Easter eggs.
  • I remember all the work that Easter entailed - boiling eggs, coloring the eggs, shopping for fun things I hid in plastic eggs, preparing and hiding baskets so as not to be found till after church on Easter, planning an Easter meal, hiding eggs inside and out, hunting those eggs and baskets, and eating a family meal together. Now the children are all grown up and not here this Easter, but I am so very glad I went the extra mile and extra expenditure of energy then to create fun and beautiful memories for me and my children now. It was worth every moment.
  • Easter cannot come and go without my thinking of my parents - most often they were with us for Easter. They are celebrating in heaven these days and I say, "Happy Easter Mom and Dad".
  • When I think of Easter with its rebirth, forgiveness, faith, hope, love, and joy I can't help but think of how grateful I am to God for bringing me to Alcoholics Anonymous and allowing me to experience a rebirth of my own - a wonderful blessing that continues every Easter - every day.
  • At the close of this Easter day, I reach out with special prayers and love to my blogger friends. Hope your weekend was a glorious one.
Prayer Girl

(Photo credits: photo #1 titled Easter eggs, photo #2 by hemccune, photo #3 by agata_marta)


Findon said...

Have a great easter and thanks for the photos, especially the last one. So sweet.

Shadow said...

now this is a magical easter!

Lou said...

That last pic made my day!

Just Be Real said...

Oh my gosh! Are those ever so adorable pictures. Love the butteggs especially! Those are just too cool. Thank you so much for sharing, and putting smile on my face.

Steve E. said...

PG, this is one of your 'better' posts for me. Mainly brcause I do not remember (from way back) many "wonderful" Easters. Maybe I was drunk, maybe I just do not recall. I DO remember on Easter I was allowed to smoke again, age 12, Mr Big Shot!

That's what Lent meant to me. No (cough, cough!) smokes for six weeks