Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday, 4/21/09 - "THEME OF THE DAY"

(Doctors came one after another after another!)


I came to a realization recently that some time after returning from volunteering at the hospital on Mondays, I see a "Theme for that day".

The following event is the reason I began to think about "THEMES FOR THE DAY". At Easter, a friend was admitted to the hospital for severe abdominal pains only to find out while there that there was something more serious happening, a tumor growing behind the eye. During that Monday visit right after Easter, I visited several patients who told a very similar story. They were admitted for one thing only to discover something else of a critical nature needing immediate attention. This was the "BEING ADMITTED FOR ONE THING ONLY TO DISCOVER SOMETHING MORE SERIOUS NEEDING ATTENTION THEME!"

Prior to this, I had not given any real thought to the idea of a "common thread" occurring during my visits on any given Monday. I decided to look back through my memory and to be aware of possible themes in the future.

I remember several months ago when I had first started at the hospital, a pattern emerged. It was "95 YEAR OLD WOMEN ASKING THE RHETORICAL QUESTION, "WHY AM I STILL HERE? THEME". These women didn't mean, why am I in the hospital? They wondered why God had them still on this earth. I remember two women in the same day asking me this and there were other situations that were similar though the question was not asked. I decided that after I returned home I would let my mind wander over the day to see if there was a theme. I didn't have to wait till I got home. It became clear before I left for the day. The second patient I visited (in the Progressive Care unit) had a nurse with him so I waited in the hall. When she left, I went in and within minutes his doctor arrived. I excused myself and went into the hall again to wait. As I waited, I saw another doctor enter the room and then leave, saying, "I'll come back when the doctor is finished." When I realized I would be waiting for another doctor as well, I left.

Later I visited another patient and as we talked, a doctor entered and I left the room to wait. When the doctor left, I went back in and no sooner had we started talking again than another doctor entered. I excused myself again and left.


Curiouser and curiouser. Life is interesting and exciting.

Prayer Girl

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Steve E. said...

That is often me (not age 96 yet!) questioning, "Why am I still here?"

I see others, far more able and willing to carry the message, come and go, and many die. Why me? Well, God has something yet for me to do.
And he will let me know what it is...soon enough!

Maybe I'm alredy doing it! Oooh, that would be great, because I'm having FUN!

Shadow said...

okay, that's a random theme, heee heee heee

Syd said...

That would be a bad theme for my day to have docs coming one after another.

Anonymous said...

Because I deal with different clients each day at work, I am able to recognize certain themes as well. And that is exactly what I call them. Each day is different, but there is always a theme.

Some days are gluteal pain/sciatica theme...

Some are my boss/coworkers are driving me crazy I have a migraine theme...

Some days are stressed out Mother I Need A Break themes...

I began noticing this about three years ago and have heard other therapists say the same thing.

Lou said...

There are theme days in the hospital!
Days when there is much bad news for that days patients, days when several miracles occur in the space of hours. It goes on and on. I have seen it for years. That is so cool that you "feel" this. Please write more about it.

Findon said...

I guess thats like coming in to AA to find that one thing leads to another, i.e alcohol and self.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love the idea of themes always emerging and I think that they are there we just don't always notice them.

Thank you for the post and the eloquent reminder.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know what you mean about themes, I feel that experience a lot.


I love meditating on the common threads that bind.

Just Be Real said...

Wow, interesting and certainly a random theme, lol! I have many themes also, so PG I can certainly relate!! Blessings!

Colleen said...

I enjoyed your post. I have an award for you on my blog!