Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday, 4/9/09 - "SLEEP ELUDES ME"


Sleep eludes me
Now - in the deepest part of night

Thoughts are flashing
Though I try with all my might

To tuck them in for good

And close the curtains of my sight

Sleep evades me

In this solitude of midnight

Where emotions fly about

Sparking thoughts like brilliant light

And my brain just cannot close
No shuttered mind this night

Sleep escapes me

In the silence of this night

But God is here

Gently whispering goodnight

Speaking in the stillness

Saying everything's alright
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: February Stars by RedSigns)


Just Be Real said...

I certainly can relate to the brain not closing down "for business" at night. I try and tell myself, "I am not open all night."
Peaceful voice of God is always welcomed to silence our busy anxious thoughts!
Thank you PG for such a timely poem! Blessings dear one!

Steve E. said...

I wondered whither thou goest?

Love the photo, love the poem!

Thanks, and Love,

Shadow said...

this feels like a prayer. beautiful!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is a great way to view it when I lose sleep, due to changes in my physical nature I don't sleep as much as I like too, so find myself up and praying in the middle of the night, thank you for the most beautiful reminder of who is with me.


Syd said...

We are thinking similarly today. Some times sleep eludes me too and my mind goes round and round. Time then for the serenity prayer.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

That made me sigh, and there is a biblical verse that says we speak to god in groans and sighs... so poetry creates a language beyond my understanding to communicate between my heart and Gods...


Zanejabbers said...

Oh my, I so identify with this, sometimes I wish I could just put my brain in a jar for the night. Kinda like some people do their teeth. With my luck I'd put my teeth in my head and my brain in my mouth. But wait, it probably won't fit with my foot.