Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday, 4/20/09 - "WHERE'S PRAYER GIRL?"

(Riding safely on the back of her Higher Power!)


Remember the books, puzzles, and games titled "WHERE'S WALDO?" and you had to hunt for where the character, Waldo, was hiding?

The question now is "WHERE'S PRAYER GIRL?

This is where PRAYER GIRL is:

Prayer Girl did something really wrong when she worked out at the gym Saturday and on Sunday she experienced a lot of trouble with her lower back. Double Aleve finally helped in the afternoon and she waited to take more before bed.

Monday is hospital volunteer day and usually a work-out after that, but not this week.

Prayer Girl will volunteer, but no exercising. She needs to give her back a longer rest.

PG met with her book club friends Sunday. They read a book by a local author, Diane Ketcham, "The Vanishing A-List". It was a really good read. PG is very picky and if a book doesn't grab her right away, she's apt to never finish it. PG finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was interesting to hear the author talk about how she wrote it, got it published, and promotes it.

PG was so happy to have been able to write a poem Saturday, "The Smile". Writing poetry is like giving birth to a piece of the soul.

Prayer Girl is also happy that she is doing a little better with her eating habits. She has been able to enjoy foods she likes, but a little less of them. She's counting calories. It took a week or two to get used to it, but she's in a groove and it's getting easier.

Prayer Girl got to ride her scooter to her home group Al-Anon meeting Sunday morning when the day was sunny and the air crisp and clear. She was able to give her sponsor a little Al-Anon anniversary gift (sponsor celebrated her 34th Al-Anon anniversary), meet with a sponsee, and later bike to the book club, and after that meet hubby for dinner out. All much fun - a glorious Sunday!

Prayer Girl is riding safely on the back of her Higher Power!

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Make Peace by Judi Liosatos)


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your back get's better!

Shadow said...

ouch, glad prayer girl's back though...

clean and crazy said...

amen!! OOOOh take care of your back my friend, I have osteoarthritis in my lower back and stretches are wonderful for it, sometimes though that aleve is a god send. take care

Cat said...

Keeping busy and staying healthy!

Dr.John said...

Be careful with that back. Don't push too hard.

Just Be Real said...

Awww, well at least we know where PG is now and we are glad her lower back is improving. PG needs to be more careful! ((((hugs))))

Syd said...

I hope that your back is better. Don't strain and take it easy. Lower back pain is tough.