Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday, 4/5/09 - "MY CUP RUNNETH OVER"


On this beautiful day, I can't think of anything a mother could want more than to see the son she loves with every breath she takes, marry a girl that same mother dearly loves.

Today was the wedding day and what a total blessing it all was. It is hard to describe just how perfect it turned out. I have been saying an affirmation every day for several weeks. This was it:

C and M's wedding is beautiful -
a beautiful day, beautiful weather, beautiful ceremony,
beautiful reception, beautiful love and friendship for all.

That is exactly how it was. Yesterday's weather was cloudy and rainy, the forecast isn't the best. BUT, today was a little pocket of perfectly gorgeous weather - cloudless, bright sunshine, just perfect.

My daughter and the bride's sister were the bridesmaid and matron of honor. Their dresses were a beautiful blue and they were both gorgeous in them. The bride's dress was just lovely and she radiated happiness, beauty, and love. She is a loving and lovely woman.

My steveroni played violin for the ceremony so of course the music was just the way it should be. This was an outdoor wedding under a gazebo in the back yard of a large beautiful home rented out for special events. The mother of the bride first and then the groom's (me - yhea!) were ushered to their seats accompanied by the strains of beautiful strings. Then came the beautiful matron of honor and bridesmaid. The bride was escorted down the path by her father to the music, "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" where she met my son, his groomsmen, and the pastor at the front. There were about 80 guests.

At the end of the beautiful ceremony, the newly married couple proceeded back up the aisle to the sounds of "Ode to Joy".

There was plenty to eat with fresh fruit, cheese, bruschetta, spinach dip for appetizers, then a buffet meal with heavenly chicken piccata, a delicious fish dish, beef, and lots of extras.

The entire wedding was themed "Jimmy Buffet" style with island, Key West, and Gasparilla type music and decorations. FUN, FUN, FUN!

I had the traditional mother and son dance during which we did dance and talked to each other and shed tears of joy and love. He told me he wanted two things for his wedding - to 'get married' and to 'have fun'. And they did.

I saw family that I haven't seen in a long time (my brother, his wife, their son and two children, a sister-in-law, a brother-in-law and his family). I was so happy to see everyone and have an opportunity to be with them.

God is good. My son is hitched. Momma is "HAPPY"!!!

God bless their union,
Prayer Girl


Steve E. said...

Hey, girl, Prayer Girl, that is...I think your running-over cup spilled on my white shirt. Lucky for me, it was love...and not black coffee.

I'm enjoying using your laptop. Gotta get me one, too! That's THAT!


Anonymous said...

This made me smile. Congratulations to your baby and his new family!

Just Be Real said...

Glad is was beautiful and that all went well. Looking forward to reading more on either of your blogs. Blessings and get some rest you two!

Hope said...

I'm grateful for you. I'm glad this was such a beautiful day all around. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us all.

Findon said...

It's all worth it isn't it. Congratulations to yours and to you. It's amazing what CAN happen when WE change. You gave them a chance so congratulate yourself too.

Shadow said...

i'm glad this momma is happy!

Akannie said...

Isn't it wonderful? Glad you all had a great time and glad you're back.

My son and DIL finally "Tied the knot" when they were I know what you're talking about.

Colleen said...


Syd said...

It sounds great. I'm glad for them and glad for you. Many congratulations to the newly weds.