Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday, 2/4/09 - "YOU"


You -

Touch of light, something close
Shot past and grazed my life
I felt the breeze strafe by
Apart yet near beside

Wound - wide - opened
Tumbled in the light
The air around was charged
Electric elusive flight

Healed a scar quite tight and taut
Trapped in a glint of sun
Sealed a waft of wind
To shine and soar within

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Interstellar Overdrive - Space Dot Com - Image of the Day)


clean and crazy said...

That is just beautiful. you are very descriptive in this poem I felt like you were talking to my mom for me. thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your words.

Colleen said...

Light has been a big part of my prayers lately. The light of Christ so healing in the darkness of suffering. Your post was beautiful. Thanks. God bless.

Shadow said...

this feels good just reading it!

Syd said...

I like the poem and I like the photo--Interstellar Overdrive. Did you ever listen to it? Pretty way out stuff from early Pink Floyd days.

Cat said...

beautiful PG!

steveroni said...

Thank you for the poem. From your 'commentors' I am learning to become aware of (some of) the major damage caused by me, an alcoholic, who saw her (my Alanon) cry enough tears to fill a lake.

And I simply thought she was "blue"...............

Gabriella Moonlight said...

As usual you are the light spot of my day! Thank you! This is a great poem for the dark of winter to be reminded of the light of spring just around the corner and the light in each of us from our HP.
Thank you!