Monday, February 2, 2009

Tuesday, 2/3/09 - "GOD IN SKIN"


There are many times when God directs me through His gentle and sometimes more vigorous pushing or nudging in my mind and spirit.

He also speaks to me in the sound of the whispering wind or lap of the surf against the shore.

I feel His presence in the breeze blowing through my hair and across my body.

I smell His nearness in the fragrance of the gardenia bush and wild honeysuckle.

I see Him in the glorious sunrise and the blazing sunset.

But very often I NEED "GOD IN SKIN". It is skin that holds the pen that writes the words of comfort or instruction that brings peace and knowledge.
It was Bill W's skin that grasped the instrument and penned the Big Book - "Alcoholics Anonymous" with the instructions for alcoholics to save their lives.

It is skin that touches the keyboard and produces the blogs we write, read, and comment on in support of each other.

It is skin that grasps the paintbrush, crayon, pencil or knife to paint or sculpt a work of art.

It is skin that holds a violin to play a beautiful Bach or Handel composition.

It is skin that holds a hand or is placed on a worried or fevered brow and delivers that healing power of touch.

We are "God in skin" for each other.

Thank God we cooperate.

(Photo credit: Daddy and Me by Ashley St. Germain)


Hope said...


steveroni said...

Well, God covered us with this skin--which is a living organ, it DOES lots of things about which I know nothing. Sure seems like I know a lot about nothing lately.

If I keep learning about nothing, will I know even LESS?

Or just more....NOTHING?

Another dilemma, and right before bedtime!

Shadow said...

wow, these thoughts today are GOOD!

Findon said...

It's the quiet moments for me. Thats when I hear God speaking to me. I see his presence in other people actions and words as well, even complete strangers.

J-Online said...

I enjoyed your post today. You always get me thinking!

indistinct said...

It was when I finally stopped listening to the voices in my head and started to listen to others who had travelled the road before me that I started to connect with a Power greater than myself.

I love what you wrote. It rings inside of me. Thank you.

Syd said...

Thanks for this thought provoking post. I'm glad that we are God in skin for each other.

Cat said...

PG this is so beautifully done, and well its eye opening for me.

thank you!

Zanejabbers said...

Bring's up the old 60's greeting
"Give me some Skin."

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Absolutely stunning in it's wonderful presence of our skin, to each other, for each other and to one another...thank you for the reminder.