Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saturday, 2/14/09 - "CHERISH"

(Pure joy!)


I cherish the joy I see on the face of this little girl.

I cherish the meeting I had with my sponsor this week and that she shares so freely of her wisdom and love. She always knows just what I need to hear.

I cherish the sun streaming through the window that is driving out the fog that surrounded our town last night.

I cherish the next poem that is forming in my spirit - biding its time for expression.

I cherish these calm and quiet moments this morning - alone, freshly awake - composing a blog.

I cherish that my "writer's block" has vanished.

I cherish each and every sponsee God has placed in my life. They are a revelation to me. As I labor with them through their awakening process, I get to see myself more clearly.

I cherish that it is Valentine's Day, I have awakened to an empty house, that I found a candy Valentine at my computer left by my wonderful husband - filled with Turtles - that I dearly love.

I cherish my plan for today - ride a bicycle for exercise, go to my women's noon AA meeting where I will meet a sponsee and two girls she is helping, go to 3:00 Mass, head out to the County Fair for our annual dose of County Fair Food and Fun.

I cherish my kitty cat - Bert. He is loving the sun on the porch so much that he does not even want to come in. (He sleeps out there at nights.) We have a morning ritual. I let him in, he eats. But right now, the door is open and he is just rolling on his back and talking and talking (kitty speak) to the sun rays on his little kitty body.

I cherish Mr. Steveroni more than words can express - my hero, my Valentine.

I cherish our children.

I cherish my AA and Al-Anon programs, meetings, and wonderful fellow recovering friends.

I cherish my new blog friends. I cherish your honesty, your commitment, and your support.

I cherish each person God leads me to at the hospital each Monday.

I cherish my spiritual life, my spiritual eyes that allow me to see beyond the ordinary things of this life and touch (if only ever so briefly) the beauty and love of God.

I cherish the belief, faith, and trust in answered prayers that God has so generously given me.

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Snow in South Bend by Amy Hart Baker)


Syd said...

Thanks for those words today. I think that we all cherish you PG. Have a great day.

Hope said...

I needed a hug this morning and this post left me feeling hugged. Thank you.

steveroni said...

Like Hope, I "felt hugged" reading this post. And (probably like Hope!) I GOT hugged, after reading this post.
Love you, Anna.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I cherish you! Happy Valentines Day!

Lou said...

yum...turtles! I can eat the whole box at one sitting;)