Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday, 2/26/09 - STILL HERE!


I'm still here and still grateful.

Last night I attended a preview showing for a new artist at a local coffee shop. Entrance was $10.00 to attend and it came with hors d'oerves and a glass of wine. I declined the wine glass and was told I could have coffee, tea, water, whatever. A short time later, the artist whose work was being displayed and an Al-Anon program friend of mine asked if I wanted a glass of wine (she forgot I was an alcoholic). I laughed as I said to her, "It would be better and easier to just hand me a gun and I'll shoot myself." This comment was so spontaneous and so immediate I actually surprised myself. I realized again how totally the desire for alcohol was removed from me when I got sober. (Thank God.) I did continue to do my part and kept my eyes on everything there was to look at and not on the wine glasses or bottles around the room.

I'm going to visit my daughter in Tampa this weekend. I'll see her and her boyfriend and I'm sure I'll get a chance to see my son and his fiance. I'm so excited.

I gave some thought to what I wanted to do for a Lenten observance. At church we were given a "Little Black Book" of reflections - a meditation book.

So.....I decided to do the following each day:

Read a list of affirmations aloud.

Read & reflect on the day's "Little Black Book" entry
Read "God Calling"
Read "Daily Reflections" (AA)

Read "Hope for Today" (Al-Anon)

Read "The Language of Letting Go"
Write a journal entry.

I have had several opportunities in the last week to place my hands on people - a knee pain here, a back pain there, a headache here. Every time this happens, I feel I am fulfilling my purpose to use the healing touch I have been given. In each instance, I said to the person, "I do my part and leave the results up to God."

I have a very special place in my heart for the bloggers who visit my site and always appreciate your comments.

Whenever I blog -

Signing off for now,
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Lil Blue Eyes by Teresa Lee)


Hope said...

I am always glad when you post. I miss you when you don't. I also wish you could come lay hands on a few people for me.

steveroni said...

This is a nice, pleasant read today. My, all those daily readings! I must take you until noon to getthrough it all.

Well, that's abut the time I get home--sometimes! See you then, Love.
Your hubby, Steve E.

Findon said...

You certainly do "Do your part" and thank you for it. Have agood trip

Shadow said...

what a beautiful picture, those eyes!!!!

good list of reading you got there! i'm still busy with 'the language of letting go'. don't laugh, but have been for the past 2 years... i guess, eventually it'll HAVE to sink in, heee heee heee

wishing you a lovely weekend with your daughter.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh your list sounds like mine. I added to my duties rather than subtracted things.

I have dedicated myself to daily reflection (God Calling), daily bible reading (at least 3 paragraphs) and daily journal writing.

Syd said...

I'm glad when you write. And glad that you enjoyed the art show without the wine. Have a great day.

Atiyanna said...

Oh PG, I feel so serene when I read your blog. It would be wonderful to meet you and Steve one day. Perhaps a Blogger convention of sorts...heehee.

mile191 said...

Prayer Girl. Thanks for the beautiful post, and the strength. I feel so much better because I know I too can do it too. hugs, and hope all is well. Enjoy your trip.

Mary Christine said...

I appreciate you! Thanks!