Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday, 2/23/09 - TOGETHER


Sitting silently along the bank
Our fingers sift soft sand

Seeps through every slender valley, crevice, turn

Turns round into another notch

We twine our minds - twist, convolute

Sand - slow, gentle wanderings in and out

Turning, rolling through the swirlings of our minds

Together, now flowing into glittering channels deep

Studded with stars, larger stars - rays of sun

Glance off the crystal glistening flow

Moving faster, faster, speeding into the sequined night

Hard torrents cutting back and forth

Into the farthest unknown light
Crystallized together into every trace of time

Prayer Girl


Shadow said...

PERFECT closing line...

steveroni said...

Reading this, I received several interpretations, all of which seem valid. Maybe that is how I should view art, poetry, music. Take, and use, whay is good for me, what seems right now, what might change if another time.

Thanks to you, Ptayer-Girl.

Syd said...

Yes, together is good.

big Jenn said...


Zanejabbers said...

I love the rhythm of your poems. By the way, you might pop over to David McMahon's blog. He does poetry. I went over from Steveroni's blog.

mile191 said...

this is amazing. you are very talented. thanks for sharing something so passionate. love you prayer girl. thanks for your kindness and support of me.