Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monday 2/16/09 - FOG


For almost a week, we have had fog come in from the Gulf in the late afternoons in town and by about 7 pm inland where I live.

On Friday, I was in town at a meeting. When it was over, it was about 3 pm. And I on my purple cycle, sporting my pink helmet, rode down the main road along the Gulf of Mexico to the gym. As I traveled, I could see haze ahead and then all around me. I said to myself, "Is this smoke? What is it?" There was no smell of smoke. I heard no sirens. I'm not usually so close to the shore that time of day when on rare occasions fog happens to roll in. I could feel very cool jets of moist air in my face and on my arms as I rode. When I got to the gym, I then realized it was fog. It was so exhilarating. Fog is magical, mystical, spiritual, it makes the ordinary - extraordinary. Why? I don't know. It just does.


Heavenly hush, hallowed silence still
Slowly slipping from the sea

Billowing curling cotton - surely

Unfurling up the shore to me

Surrounding, shrouding, hiding all

In smoke, a haze, a misty gray
Cool, moist fingers in the air

Change the nature of the day

Familiar sights all disappear

In densest dew drops pure

Sounds muffled by a million mists

Move the mind to mystic musing sure

Move me, smooth me, whisper to me

Words of hope and healing tone - then hear

My words returned in deepest love

"I hear you loud and clear!"

Prayer Girl

(Photo credits: Winter fog by Kate Howland, Bagnoregio in the Mist by ycnay)


Syd said...

Sailing in fog is really neat. I like it also. I've rowed in the fog before and couldn't see the land. It was primeval.

Akannie said...

Ooooo..I love fog!

I lived in No California in the foggiest place in America. The little local airport there was used during WWII to train fighter pilots to take off and land in fog in London!

My friend Chris, who lives in Key West was saying they have had fog'll meet him in June.

OK--I'm off to breakfast with a sponsee!! Toodles....

Zanejabbers said...

Great Pics.

Mary LA said...

Fog in the moutains in autumn, shape-shifting...



mile191 said...

hmmmm. interesting thoughts. thanks. i am coming by for strength. i am really feeling thankful, yet thoughtful tonight. i am glad i have you friends. you are so much of my strength right now. reminding me that we have a savior, and that we are each others strength here. thanks.

Zanejabbers said...

Ok! Now Steveroni has not said you are sick. I hope not. Miss you. Come back, Little Prayer Girl, Come Back.

Zanejabbers said...

Oh, PG, I know all about Blog Block. Sometimes it just won't flow.