Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday, 2/7/09 - "SOUL AS DUST"


My soul is dry, it's dust, deserted

Like bones pulverized by pestle, mortar

Sifting, shifting, slowly drifting
Out the pores - the doors of who I am

Wasting away - fading fast

Vibrancy of youth laid flat

What has happened?

What disease destroys?

Time has had its way with

Stolen minutes of the mind

Theft of bouncing merry step

Banished beauty of the blush

Away to a remotest spot

To spin, then stop, to sort, to spare

Further loss, need for repair

Haste! Halt! Help! Hush! Hope!

Prayer Girl


steveroni said...

LOVE it. I STILL want to know, whence came this talent? I've known you for nearly 20 years, and all of the sudden--THIS!

Zanejabbers said...

Always enjoy your poems. Thanx.

clean and crazy said...

a sad and intriguing poem, i love how you mixed the emotions of fear and joy together, well done