Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday, 2/6/09 - TRIBUTE TO "A-RONI"

(Mr. a-roni-a-roni)




My taste buds take off their hats to:





and even


But "I" take off my hat to pay tribute to my Mr. a-roni.

To his church family he is:

Mr. Violin-a-roni bringing music to uplift the spirit.

Mr. Greet-a-roni to give a warm smile and warmer words.

To his AA family he is:

Mr. Welcom-a-roni holding out his hand to newcomers, old-timers and all between.

Mr. Truth-a-roni who tells it like it is NMW (no matter what).

Mr. Experience-a-roni who shares his 34 years of experience freely.

To his blog family he is:

Mr. Steveroni.

Mr. Humor-roni.

Mr. Advice-a-roni who gives the best and most honest advice he can.

Mr. Personal-a-roni who gets 'up close and personal' with encouragement and support.

Mr. Blog-a-roni who loves and immerses himself in the blog world.

Mr. Inspiration-a-roni who is on fire with ideas.

And all kinds of other "a-ronis" as assigned by his fellow bloggers.

To his wife he is:

Mr. Heart of my Heart-a-roni.

Mr. Love of my Life-a-roni.

Mr. Soul Mate-a-roni.

Mr. Irreplaceable-a-roni

To his God he is:

Mr. Use-me-roni any time.

Mr. Channel-a-roni of God's peace and love.


Prayer Girl


Hope said...

This is sweet-a-roni.

You are the only two husband/wife team I know who both blog.
I am glad you are both here.

steveroni said...

WOW! First I saw macaroni--which I love. Then I saw the Bologna, which I do not like. Then I saw what looked like that photo of me on Royal caribbean "Freedom of the Sea"...and it was...ME!

I am quite honored by my wife, Prayer Girl, and her tribute to me in this blog. Of course, I have to wonder "what does she have up her sleeve?" "This is a TRICK!" But for tonight I'll just enjoy it, and say to Anna, "Thank you, I love you, and I'll do whatever you say"--maybe. -grin.

Atiyanna said...

**tips hat** Hear..hear!!

Shadow said...

my guess??? you kinda like this a-roni guy, heeee heeee heeeee. nice tribute!

Syd said...

That's really nice PG. I'm glad that you two are together in the roni business. It makes it nice to have the love and friendship rolled into one. And you're right, he is a special dude.

Anonymous said...


idenmw said...

that is great P.G.
A peek into your lovely well as Mr Stevaroni's..

Banana Girl said...

Simply Beautifularoni! J.

Cat said...

Absolutely a wonderful tribute to him!

RipGurl said...

Love-aroni! My husband and I are best friends and I love how your tribute speaks yards of your love for each other. I guess there really is a "lived happily ever after." Smiles, Chris

Akannie said...


aw....that's sweet.

'Roni and Prayer Girl, sittin' in a tree....



Zanejabbers said...

Aww, So musharoni. I love the way you two go back and forth on the blog. Thanks for sharing your love.