Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday 12/9 - GOOD-BYE


This afternoon at the hospital I stood with family members as their loved one passed from this life to the next. I had no idea this was going to be God's plan for me today. This was a first for me and I was at a loss with only God to rely on to guide me from one moment to the next. I put the ministry of "healing touch", healing "love", "healing words", "healing silence", and "healing prayers" into action.

I am home now and reflecting on the day and this event in particular. A poem I wrote for a woman when she lost her child comes to my mind.

When first I heard those saddest words
Telling of your loss so dear

A crack appeared in my own heart

Sending an instant prayer to angels near

A prayer that angels sweep close to you

And whisper words of solace in your ear

That they hear and heal your certain sorrows

And gently wipe away your saddest tears

A prayer to spread their softest, wispiest wings

About, around, clasp you to their loving chests

Sing to your spirit a sweet, soothing psalm

And wing your cherished one to peaceful rest

Prayer Girl

As a volunteer from the Chaplain's department, I was a stranger in that room, yet a stranger not. God bonded us together in His "mysterious" way as we shared one of the two most intimate moments of life - birth or death. Angels were in that room today winging this loved one to peaceful rest.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Dear Prayer Girl, your poem is amazing and your day is one that is awe inspiring. I am so grateful that it was you who was with them as they went through one of the hardest passages of life; the good bye of life. Thank you for this,

Findon said...

Beautiful poem. I think you're in the right job, at the right place. God must smile.

Shadow said...

how very sad. how very 'life'. and your poem is consoling, really beautiful!

big Jenn said...

What a gift that you were with them. Death is more profound than birth. I really believe that. It is so sacred and full of grace.I have been so blessed. I am having trouble conveying my thoughts to you here. Just, thank you for this post.jeNN

J-Online said...

That must have been really hard, especially this time of year. I love your poem. You have a gift PG.

Kathy Lynne said...

I will always remember the Chaplain of the hospital where my father passed. She helped guide my father to his faith and helped us to allow him to go.

Lou said...

I agree with all above. You have a calling.

Just got to your honest list below today. I know how I'm NOT going to die. Strange, that God has revealed these things to us. A psychic told me once that everyone can know these things but most people are not receptive to receiving this kind of knowledge.

Cat said...

absolutely lyrical PG!

Syd said...

It's hard to describe what happens when we view another leave their body. I'm hoping that someone like you is there for me when it's my time.

Zanejabbers said...