Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 12/12/08 - PAYING IT BACKWARD!


su.per.nat.u.ral - adj.
1. Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.
2. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.
3. Of or relating to diety.
4. Of or relating to the miraculous

As I begin this story, I wish I were a skilled writer. I don't say that to put myself down, but because I fear I will inadequately convey the following event. I was asked by several bloggers to explain some of the supernatural events (for want of a better descriptor) mentioned in my "Honest Scrap" blog. This is one of them.

In the early 70s (I was in my mid 20s), I was often in a state of joy, enthusiasm, and often seemed to be "vibrating" at a high frequency. I can't account for why it was so, it just was. I was working at a Federal mental health research facility outside of Washington, D.C. I worked in a hospital laboratory performing biochemical analysis of blood samples using radioactive isotopes. These samples came from volunteer patients with manic-depressive illness and schizophrenia housed on a locked ward. I worked with and for psychiatrists.

I knew the psychiatrist who was my supervisor as well as the doctor who was in charge of the department. Beyond that, I knew only the faces and names of the other doctors. I knew absolutely nothing about them. One such psychiatrist was Dr. C.

One morning I was "bounding" up the hill from my car to the building I worked in. I was "high" on life (nothing else) and literally skipped my way to the door of the locked ward where the office was located. As was the procedure, I rang the bell to be let onto the ward. This particular morning, Dr. C. opened the door. (He had never been the one to open it before.) As I zipped through the door, I found words coming out of my mouth, "YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME!" I had no idea where the words came from or why I said them. I continued on my way into the office, never giving those words another thought.

I proceeded on to the lab where I began my work for the day. It was several hours later that I looked up and saw Dr. C. at the door. He asked if he could speak with me. I said, "Of course." I listened and he began to tell me some very personal things about himself and told me that he saw Jesus walking on the grounds. (Dr. C. was Jewish.) I knew enough to suspect he was having a psychotic break himself. I quietly encouraged him, suggested he seek help and see a psychiatrist, and reassured him that all would be well in time.

Several months passed and Dr. C. came to see me. He said he had followed my suggestion to get professional help and was doing much better. He was grateful and I was filled with joy. God did not need my help, but he surely used my cooperation.

About a year later, I had moved to Florida and received a letter from Dr. C. (my last communication with him). He let me know he was continuing to do well and that he, his wife, and children were happy and appreciative.


This experience was a constant remembrance even as I slid into the alcoholic pit of hell and during the struggle to find sobriety. It remains with me still.

I am ever grateful to God for this gift,

Prayer Girl

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Zanejabbers said...

I look forward to more of these.

J-Online said...

What a wonderful story and experience. I agree with ZJ. I look forward to more. Have a great day Prayer Girl.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow what an amazing story...thank you for this and I hope like ZJ to hear more!


Progress, Not Perfection said...

What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it with us. We want more ;)

Peace and Serenity and Happy Friday!

Syd said...

Being intuitive has many benefits but it can also be difficult. I've seen both sides of it. Thanks for sharing this story.