Saturday, December 6, 2008



Time for an update on my abilities on my cycle. This guy in the picture looks to me like he's having a slightly lopsided, clumsy landing. About a month ago, my landings (coming to a stop at a stop sign, red light, anywhere) still looked this way too often and I'd been riding about three months.

Practice, practice, practice - riding every day is finally beginning to pay off. Most times I am now coming in for smoother landings. I've got a better grasp of the brake speed, balance, distance, and the timing of point of contact - feet to ground.

Slow turns are getting better too. Not only was I having trouble coming to a stop, but pulling into parking spaces was a challenge. That's improving as well.

My entire riding experience seems a parallel in some ways with the course of my sobriety and the changes that have occurred in my thinking and behavior. Both take lots of repetition. Life now feels more like a smooth landing than a bumpy, jerky, uncomfortable set of happenings. The biggest difference is that the changes in my cycle abilities happened relatively quickly compared to the very slow changes to life as a sober woman.

Practice, practice, practice - of the program: the steps, the slogans, meetings, service, sponsorship: being sponsored and sponsoring, principles - honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, opportunities to behave in new and healthy ways, and the development of a God-consciousness have led to this life worth living filled with serenity and peace of mind more often than not.

What will be next? I'll let you know when God lets me know. -Grin-

Prayer Girl


steveroni said...

Keep ridin' that bike, girl, ya heah? So long as you're ridin' it to AA meetings! Or Alanon.

And practice the principles of good bikin (and good AA) in all your affairs...What? AFFAIRS!! Wait just a MINUTE here.....

Findon said...

Repetition, practice and determination. Maybe all life needs that. Watch those lights PG you're important in my life now.

mile191 said...

your writing always is such a comfort to me. not only what you say when you read me, but what you say here. i always know i can find something that makes me feel the courage that i have inside, and that helps me to know what to do with it. thanks for writing. and for caring...and for telling me once to only feel the positive vibes from comments, not the critical ones. thanks, i remembered that tonight. and felt the prayers that you are sending me. thanks ♥

mile191 said...

i don't think i said enough in my last comment to say THANKS for everything. your list is really helping me with what i feel right now, and with what i don't feel.

and i think that you should know that i take this very serious, and personal, and that i am so THANKFUL for you, for the kindness that you are showing me, for your support, and for your prayers. i feel them and i really thank you for being so wonderful. angels on earth. all that you went through, i can tell you that if that is what made you the person that you are, then I AM LUCKY, because you are certainly helping me, and i truly hope to help others in this way. in fact, it makes what i went through a bit better, because i think that if there is a purpose, this is it. to be able to help others, as i rise out of the dreary places i have been.

maybe i can be like you...

♥, hope

Shadow said...

practice, practice, practice... yip.

indistinct said...

My imagination had a lot of fun seeing you are your scooter as your describing you experiences.

It is all about practice, for me, learning to be a real live human being. Thanks for sharing.

Zanejabbers said...

I agree with Steveroni, ya heah. I chuckled at that. So keep riding and trudging.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow both sound like such wonderful journeys to take...thanks for sharing this wonderful post...and the many smiles, and for that matter biking miles(sorry I had to say it). And thank you for your blog each and every day!