Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday 12/19 - BORN TO READ!


I was born to read. Life is made fuller and richer by the written word.
I have felt this way since my earliest reading experiences:

Dick runs.
Watch Dick run.
Jane runs.
Watch Jane run.
Dick and Jane run.

Watch Dick and Jane run.
Spot runs.

Watch Spot run.

I'll never forget all the kids in the 2nd grade trying to look at the book in the classroom that had a picture of Jane in a bathtub.

I love all kinds of reading:
- - novels - suspense, science fiction, romance, mystery, supernatural, historical, etc.
- - short stories - of all types
- - poetry
- - magazines
- - daily readers
- - spiritual literature
- - cookbooks
- - word games
- - crossword puzzles
- - reference books
- - blogs
........just to name a few

I dearly love libraries because:
* They have so many types and choices of reading materials.
* I remember the old-fashioned, mostly wood, many storied library in Washington, D.C. I used as a child.
* I remember taking my children to libraries when they were young.

* It was in libraries that much of my love of books was first born.
* I can borrow a dozen books, peruse them at my leisure, and then decide which I want to read and take the rest back.
* I can take out a one week book, not finish it, return it, and take it out again.

* I can sit in the silence and read to my heart's content.

Some of my reading habits:

1. I love to be reading 2, 3, or even 4 or more books at the same time.

2. When reading 2, 3, or even 4 books at the same time, I can then pick up a book dependent on my mood and particular state of mind at any given time. I love following different plots at the same time.
3. If I am going to "really enjoy" a book, it is usually one that "grabs" me in the first few pages.

4. I will often read books to their end even if they don't "grab" me immediately.
5. I can start a book, lay it aside, and pick it back up to finish it years later.

6. I can buy a book, put it in my bookcase, and not read it for a long time. (I often do the same thing with new purses, shoes, and even clothes.)



steveroni said...

Let's see..."bookworm". Nope! I'm not going to touch that. (Well, did I already?)

Yes, PG read so many books at once, it's like "The Three Faces of Eve", I never know which one is going to wake up in the morning.

Of course, since I'm always gone in the morning, I guess it doesn't matter
which face shows out from the covers.

Colleen said...

Me too! I love to read! I was born to read! I believe reading helped me survive my childhood. It brought me to new places. Made me feel happy and safe. Gave me an escape. And taught me well.Thanks!

Zanejabbers said...

Don't those clothes get wrinkled in the bookcase? (GRIN)

Findon said...

You read just like me and I thought I was unique. Well now I know I'm not alone.

Shadow said...

oh i have a love for reading too. always have. give me a choice between a movie and a book, i always pick the book. hubby asked my why once and i could only say: i get to make people look the way i want them to, the place the way i want them to, the expressions, their walks, everything is mine, my imagination. much better than a movie!

~Tyra~ said...

I love to read, I always have 2-3 books going at once and I have to read every night before I go to sleep, even if it's only a page or two. I get almost giddy when I enter a library or bookstore.

Syd said...

I read several books at a time as well. I like to change them according to what I feel like reading. I keep a stack of books beside the bed.

And books should never be thrown out. And libraries have that special smell of books that I really like.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is so great to read this blog today and see how alike we all really are! I love to read 2-4 books at a time, read all the time, lurk about in bookstores, libraries and such! So great to see the kindred bookworms!!!


Kathy Lynne said...

I have the same reading habits...used to only read one book at a time but I am learning the joy of having several going at once for just the reason you state..depends on my mood

Annette said...

Ohhhh, I love to read to. And I love libraries. We live out of town so when my daughter has practices or this obligation or that I usually kill time at the library. I only wish they let us bring coffee in. Then life would be complete.