Sunday, December 14, 2008



I'm putting my dancing shoes on for that perfect and intricate dance with God. I have learned that life is sometimes like a beautiful "on point" ballet and sometimes it's a down and dirty rockin' kind of thing. I also now know that if I try to take the lead, I will find myself at the least with two left feet, stumbling a bit or tripping over things, and at worst, falling flat on my face.

I don't have to do that anymore. God is always the perfect dance partner. He led me out of my alcoholism right into Alcoholics Anonymous. He paired me up with sponsors who were just what I needed at the time. He has allowed me to become a sponsor and has brought just the people I could help at the right moments.

God brought me out of economic insecurity into a career that lasted for 22 years. I had the most wonderful boss who was also a mentor and encouraged me in my work. She was a part of my dance.

I was led out of a marriage that was crumbling around me despite the fact that I did not believe in divorce. He helped me care for my children and develop healthier relationships with them.

God brought a man 11 years my senior in sobriety into my life. This wonderful man became my husband, my best friend, my life's help-mate, my perfect partner.

I was then whirled right into Al-Anon where there was still more work to be done in refining my understanding of myself, of others, and our relationships. Sometimes I want to take the lead, but thankfully, this causes me to begin to stumble and I relinquish the lead back to Him who is the "real leader".

The next scene on the dance stage has been the "blogosphere". I'm leaving God in charge in this new and unfamiliar landscape.

I continue to dance in God's arms wondering where the next spin, turn, or leap will take me. I trust the footing when dancing with God and the beauty of the dance is eternal - so I "Let go and let God" be the lead partner in our dance of life.

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Ballerina's Dream by Gemini Soul)


steveroni said...

Just a coincidence that tonight was the last of eight performances of "Christmas Shoes" at Living Christmas Trees. Sure glad you could be there Prayer Girl, with your friend and daughter.

It WAS a good show!

And, my dear, you seem to make a good blog out of any little thing.

Shadow said...

you are dancing a beautiful dance.

mile191 said...

i love the dancing shoes. my grandma loved to dance. i miss her. i can't stop crying, and i cant sleep, this was really peaceful to read. i am going to dream of to bed. thanks. love and hugs. i haven't been on email this weekend. i will check...if you tried to contact me...sorry...

Mary LA said...

Love the image of dancing in trust...



Progress, Not Perfection said...

I really enjoyed your post. I love to dance. It makes me think of being a child. I danced for 13 years. And it is so true. Its pretty awesome when you finally get how powerless you are.

Peace and Serenity,

♥Shann♥ said...

beautifuly put!

Syd said...

It's a good dance isn't it?

Zanejabbers said...

Just "Dance the Night Away". Such serenity in today's post. Thanks.

J-Online said...

Keep on Dancing Prayer Girl. It suits you!

big Jenn said...

I love to dance! jeNN