Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday 8/23/10 - "DOES HOPE FLOAT?"


Today I tried to do my small part to help float hope for others. I attended my morning home group Al-Anon meeting and listened intently. It was a wonderful meeting where the topic was powerlessness and the first three steps. I received much and I shared in the hope that it might help someone else.

I had long conversations with four of my sponsees. By four o'clock I was exhausted and laid down for a short rest. This evening two other women and I braved rain that had been falling most of the afternoon and evening to take a meeting into a local treatment center. We were informed of an incorrect start time and ended up arriving half an hour late. However they got the patients together quickly and we had an old fashioned Alcoholics Anonymous speaker meeting - a somewhat shorter, but in my opinion, very powerful meeting. I hope "hope" was brought into that place.

I'm home again safe and sound and dry. It has been a very long day. It has been a fulfilling day. Tomorrow morning it is hospital time again and I will be asking God to guide me in my efforts to bring some hope into the lives of patients there.

Good-night and God bless,

Prayer Girl

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Hap Joy Free said...

Just a few moments ago, I posted on my blog that I needed some hope....and within just a few short moments, I had 2 comments of loving bloggers sending me hope.

Hope DOES float, and that you for being the floater!

steveroni said...

HOPE, the second of the three major virtues: Faith, Hope, and Love. These cannot be acquired by human effort alone, they are infused by some divine working--a miracle.

The greatest virtue is charity (love)and if one carries HOPE to others, then LOVE is certainly present in that activity.

I learned all that long ago, but still do not know what it all means...but I can quote it well!

Good post, a busy woman. keep carrying that hope, your Peeps need you. God uses you to do His work.

clean and crazy said...

you are an angel here on earth you know. your hope is contagious

Anonymous said...

God bless you PG,


Brian Miller said...

sharing the hope that you have is a high calling...many times we never know if it took until much done well!

Wanda's Wings said...

Hope is what keeps people going. Thank you for all you do to bring it to others.

marie said...

I hope that HOPE is floating your way, as well. Blessings to you.

Syd said...

It sounds like a fulfilling day. I hope that it floats right to those who need hope the most.