Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wednesday 9/1/10 - "LIFE IS BIG" - Wordless Wednesday



Prayer Girl

(Photo credits:
grief inside by XxNightflower@deviantart.com
Together by pesare@deviantart.com
Infant Sleeping by pictureguy@deviantart.com

Old man by butterfly butcher@deviantart.com

her sadness by oloferla

Holding the Sun by Angele Franklin - Kodak picture of the day

Teeny Tiny Feet by Tin Tin Wee - Kodak picture of the day

Jump for Joy

ALONE APART by paRanOYiqzz@deviantart.com)

"The further backward you look, the further forward you can see."
- Winston Churchill


Brian Miller said...

the kid with the sun in her hands is striking....the lone person looking out the window as well but different...nice images PG...

steveroni said...

LIFE IS BIG: Good old Illinois philosophy!

G-Man said...

No words needed....

Jingle said...

these images are stunning or shocking,
well done post.

sarah said...

..the face of the old man says so much...a life lived...his story written all over his. And the feet...a new life beginning in the shelter of the older. Great shots

Syd said...

Nice. Great photos about just how big life is. And how beautiful as well.