Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thursday 8/19/10 - "PASS ME THE BRUSH" - Theme Thursday (Brush)



Pass me the brush that I may - - -

delicately brush with lightest touch
the pale pink blush upon your exquisite cheek

I will watch you descend the stairs
to meet your first prom date

And love will fill this space

Pass me the brush that I may - - -
with inspired fingers brush the liquid
color upon this canvas blank

I will watch God's presence
reveal itself with each choice of stroke I make

And love will fill this space

Pass me the brush that I may - - -
caress my precious possessions
with its featherlight touch

I will watch surfaces rise and shine
radiate their inner beauty bright

And love will fill this space

Pass me the brush that I may - - -
lay it gently in the center of this cloth
that I may capture its grace in a picture snapped

I will watch this graceful scene fill my screen

And love will fill my blog


Prayer Girl

This is a Theme Thursday (click to read others).


Brian Miller said...

a beautiful take on the theme...your words are like a peaceful river PG...happy tt!

Heather's Mom said...

Wow, what a way to make something so plain absolutely beautiful! Thanks for your note to me. Even when I am not visible on the blogs I pray for you and your husband every morning.
God bless.
Lots of love to you.

sheri said...

oh prayer girl, your theme thursday is exquisite!! i can sense the wonderful presence of God as your words give Him the credit for so many beautiful things in life!

Syd said...

Nice. I could see that brush and feel it too.

G-Man said...

If NOT God....The essence of LOVE channels thru you every day, thru your fingers...Into your PC. Onto this screen, into our Hearts!!
Thank You for being this Medium.

Shadow said...

wow, this is amazing... a soothing touch for sure!!!

Julie said...

What a lovely poem in response to the theme. I do like the structure as it winds up and up ... and I thank you for the love, which I accept with pleasure.

Claudia said...

this was really beautiful - i enjoyed every brushstroke...

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. I can fill God's presence and the love in your space and your blog. Thank You. Happy Day!L

Everyday Goddess said...

very lovely, I can feel the serenity!

Betsy said...

You can never have too much love, right? ;)

Jill said...

I love this. Truly a wonderful "take" on the theme.
Well done.

moondustwriter said...

a beautiful montage my dear

there is a peace that accompanies this piece like a nice massage

Moon smiles
and great TT

The Silver Fox said...

Quite expressive!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Nice hit on the theme... Happy late TT! -J