Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 8/12/10 - "FORETOLD" - A Theme Thursday (palm)



I met a woman in the islands far away
She's the only who's ever read my palm
She held my hand under the palms that sway
I allowed her this intrusion with no qualm

She foretold that one day I would die
As a plane goes down and I'm inside
I wondered if this might be a lie
And I could set the prediction aside

Many years later I had a dream
Screaming metal heralded my death
Within that plane there was no scream
I felt nothing as I drew last breath

My conscious mind remained intact
As I stood up from the mangled wreck
I wondered how I should react
As I began my new celestial trek

Prayer Girl

This is an offering for Theme Thursday. (click to read more Theme Thursdays)

This is my first Theme Thursday and it is TRUE!


swputh said...

the people reading palms, nice take for tt...
like your writing... How subconscious mind generates dream from experiences...

Meri said...

Amazing experience -- and you're still hear to talk about it. Good cadence, a rhyme scheme that doesn't seem forced.

AngelMay said...

All the more reason not to fly -- Heh. As if I needed another one.

The Thirteenth Crossing said...

Wow wow wow! What an awesome piece! My TT is a little historical this week.

Theme Thursday: Palm

Austin said...

Nice write, well done on your first TT, you should come back next week!

PattiKen said...

This is terrific. I love how you told a complete story.

Brian Miller said...

PG this is marvelous...was wondering who would take up the palm reading...i had mine read once and i was to be a rock star...hmm....glad you joined in TT today! smiles.

steveroni said...

Isn't it the wonderful truth of wonder--even on my way to heaven--how shall I deport myself
--actor ALL THE WAY to the afterlife.

Called "Actor Ever After"...PG we each got our feet wet this Thursday...and I know you had fun doing it also. I sure did. next Thursday I'll be gone, but hope to have one of these anyway.

Or could you write TWO???

I'll bring you back a present--this time NOT from Goodwill Charity Store!
Love your blog, and you too!.

Tracy said...

Very nice! Happy TT!

AmyLK said...

That's neat but scary! lol Happy TT!

Stranger said...

Wow! Your palm reading experience was far more exciting than mine. I love the picture attached too. Happy Theme Thursday.

Syd said...

You are getting quite good. Those premonitions need to be heeded.

Everyday Goddess said...

what an amazing experience! there are those who are very gifted with this kind of thing!

it's all just another way of getting inside information!

glad you are a TT player now!