Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday 8/26/10 - "EQUALLY YOKED?"


(Equal Sign)


Once there was a woman.
God had blessed her in many ways.
She had found herself in the hopeless grip of alcoholism from which she escaped only by a miracle of God.
The power of this miracle came to her through Alcoholics Anonymous and the action of the 12 steps.

Then came the disaster of divorce.
After the pain of the loss of dreams she decided to be content learning how to live in harmony with herself and the world around her.

Then this woman received a blessing.
Another miracle happened when God brought an unexpected "soul mate" into her life.

She had never dreamed such happiness was possible for her in this lifetime.
They were 'near perfect' together.
(She had learned nothing other than God is perfect.)

They were equally yoked.

Love flourished, their spiritual bond grew and she was so grateful to God for the "helpmate" she had been sent.

BUT then disaster struck this woman again in the form of forces, obsessions beyond her power to change.

He changed. Love changed. She was abandoned, discarded and dropped from his life.

At first she wondered what she had done wrong? What inherent flaws did she possess that had caused this to happen?

However, she was different now. She had changed.
She knew she was not perfect, but she knew also that s
he had not caused this. She could not cure it. She could not control what was happening.

Her spiritual program of action kept her steady as she turned to her only true source of power and support in desperate times - her God.

She and her husband were no longer equally yoked.

The powerful forces crumbled their love till it blew away like dust in the wind.

She cried out in pain.
She cried out in anger.
She cried out for help.

God answered.

God whispered, "I love you and I will never leave you."

Prayer Girl

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Everyday Goddess said...

it's true we are never alone when we have Him with us.

excellent writing.

King of New York Hacks said...

Thanks for that true. “Faith makes all things possible.... love makes all things easy.”...Thank God.

Brian Miller said...

even in the midst of the storms...He is there...a sad tale...but one that points the right direction...smiles.

marie said...

Yes, God will never divorce or abandon us and he will never change. All of those actions are done by us humans.

Kris said...

Why doesn’t New Testament God smite as much as Old Testament God?

G-Man said...

I always feel at home here.
Thanks for having such a beautiful retreat.

Julie said...

God left the people of Pakistan.
God left the people of Acheh. God left the people of New Orleans. God leaves lots of people.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

cool. Nice poem. yes faith in something greater than ourselves, saves us from ourselves :)

izzy said...

" If God seems far away, who moved ?"
No matter what, we are responsible for
our side of the street...First things first. Thanks for the reminder.

sarah said...

great post. He is there always..and promises to never leave...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh my... sometimes I depend so much on just this truth... when all else fails there is ONE who NEVER does.

God be with you Anna, and continue to shine his brilliant and beautiful light and life through you!

You carry the healing and peaceful power in your sharing!

Wanda's Wings said...

I'm so glad God tells us He loves us when everything seems to be going wrong. Wonderful post.

nancy said...

Very interesting. Thank you for stopping by. God Bless.

Cindy said...

Yes, He never leaves me.

Leeuna said...

Your post touched my heart. May God bless you and shine His light upon you always. He said in His word "draw close to me and I will draw close to you."

God will never leave or forsake us. It may seem so at times but we are the ones who drift away; He is always there.

A truly wonderful, beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

PattiKen said...

Lovely piece, PG.

Syd said...

I am glad that you had a power greater than any human.

Superfluous Brunette said...

I would almost think you are talking about me. We look outward, think we found the answers in others and hold on to that for dear life. Then a 'disaster' happens and your delusions are ripped away.
I, too, felt abandoned, discarded, even as I was the one doing the discarding. Felt like I had the inherent flaw, especially when I thought I had found the 'perfect soulmate'. And cried out in extreme pain, until I had nothing left. I couldn't change anything that happened...or him. And therein lies the lesson. I have begun to find that the power lies within, not without.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.