Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday 8/13/10 - "GOOD MORNING GOD" - FFF55



Each morning as she awakes, sometimes with eyes shut and sometimes open, she says, "Good Morning, God." She "plugs in", starting her day in prayer.

As the busy day progresses moments come reminding her to return to that connection with the power she lacks.

It is then that she pauses, silent, and says, "Hello, God."

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Prayer by

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Brian Miller said...

probably need to do more replugging myself some days...hello. nice 55...

so next meme i will see you at is 160 on sunday? smiles.

Jannie Funster said...

I could do well with more God talk moments in my life. Nice reminder of what's most important in life.

Thank you.


Yvonne Osborne said...

Nice! The old fashioned way to "plug in". Love that pic. by the way.

mrsnesbitt said...

A simple yet resounding collection for 55!
A lovely way to think about starting a new day!


Mona said...

Awww! That is such a sweet way to connect!

Austin said...

I am there, all the time, being reminded to be in this constant.

Nice write

Mine is up here

John's comments said...

Looking forward to it working. To hear or read my non-PC illustrated Friday 55 click here. Warning you may have to read the footnote after to make sense of it!

Claudia said...

ah - that sounds familiar to me - often realize far too late...

izzy said...

Thanks ! My 55 went off the deep end because of a morning meditation!
which (like you) comes after the initial
request for help... and as often as we can- " Please restore me to sanity"

G-Man said...

You know what I love about this place?
It expounds upon the notion that Prayer can be fun and fulfilling. It doesn't have to be a last ditch effort to evade a personal crisis.
You truely are an Angel
Love your 55 PG..
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Cheryl said...

I tend to forget until after I've peed. Then I say good morning. Need to reconnect throughout the day to get through all 24.

See you on Sunday?

sarah said...

great message in your 55. Funny I was researching plugins on the computer this morning so this will definitely stay with me. ☺

Maha said...

I totally loved it. Very heart-warming. THe one thing the belief in God gives you is the feeling of a safety net; knowing GOD is always there hearing you out.

steveroni said...

...and I have seen you do this many times a day, PG. Amazing, how a few words--55, to be exact--say so much to so many.

God is with you!

Jingle said...

your 55 is always extraordinary to read.
what a joy to have you around blogging.

Syd said...

A good way to start the day and get plugged into life.