Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thursday 9/2/10 - "BUSY ME"


It's 9:15 pm and I am tired. There was no afternoon siesta or opportunity to just rest. My day began with a phone call from a sponsee early after which I took the dog for a walk before it got too hot. He adores his walks and I have come to enjoy them too. They are good exercise, good meditation and prayer time and great companionship with puppy.

Next came a series of cleaning tasks around the house. I vacuumed carpets and the back porch as well as dry mopped several areas of the house. I swept the front walkway and driveway. I tried to get the outdoor tasks done also before it got too hot.

I had conversations with about seven sponsees during the day. I went to a noon AA women's meeting and afterward asked a lady who has been sober well over 30 years for her phone number asking if I could call her later. I did call her and it was good to have a conversation with another long time sober woman.

I also made two trips to the library, first to check out some DVDs and then realized I had a book due. I went back home to get it and returned to the library.

When I got home it was time to get ready to go back out to dinner with two long time girlfriends. We used to go out to eat weekly when our children were young and growing up and for years after, but recently we have been going out only a couple times a month. But despite all the years and changes, we still enjoy each others company.

Upon returning home, puppy and I took another walk and now I'm crashing.

I should sleep really well tonight. Good-night all.

Prayer Girl

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Brian Miller said...

at least it was good busy...sleep well...

Syd said...

You did have a full day. Sometimes those are good though. And then it's time to sleep which feels so good.

steveroni said...

Seems to fit pretty well with "Life is Big"...and busy! Did you paint the house too?--grin!

Little M said...

Busy but good. Sounds like a lovely day. I hope you got the rest you needed! Sleep as been a big issue for me. My six month old is up every 1-2 hours through the night for the past few months. Whenever she enters the light sleep cycle she wakes up. I'm not sure what to do! This too shall pass right?

Wanda's Wings said...

Wow you where busy. Remember to take care of yourself too. Hope you slept well.