Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday 9/16/10 - "REVEALED" - Theme Thursday



Confusion, difficulty, pain splashed intermittently with ecstasy
Created the perfect painted descriptive canvas of her life
And there up in one small corner of that scene - her spirit appeared
And it crashed and burned to ashes on the ground

From down within those smoldering cinders came
Etched straight and strong in ever rising rungs
A ladder stretching to the upper frame and out
Beyond the borders of her painted life itself

Then there beside the lowest rung emerged
A golden chest - sparkling brilliantly like the sun
And also from those embers burning still
Her soul emerged again, anew

With caution and with measured reach
The lifted lid REVEALED within
Unseen instructions written not in ink
But gently grasped in spirit sounds and signs

They said: Arise now sweetest soul of Mine
From the wreckage of your life
And begin your journey yet again
With foot placed firmly on that lowest bar

Let nothing hold that other foot to earth
But with patience, prayer and practice sure
Ascend one simple single step by step
And "I" will guide your transformation pure

Prayer Girl

This is a Theme Thursday hosted by Brian Miller. (Click here to read more.)


clean and crazy said...

this sounds like a journey, to another world.

Jingle said...

beautiful poem.
I always love your poetry.
it smells like roses.

Wanda's Wings said...

Yes I needed to hear this today. Just one step upward at a time.

Everyday Goddess said...

wow, that is beautiful! to begin again with attention to a higher power is definitely going to uplift the future. excellent!

Southwest Arkie said...

Rising from the ashes and beginning your poetry.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. love the reveal at the end of your piece...a journey i imagine many of us take...

Meri said...

A fitting poem for "reveal."

Syd said...

I am glad that she emerged from the wreckage.

Kris said...

Rroftë revolucioni!

Dot-Com said...

Think a lot of us have gone down that same route. Well said. Happy Theme Thursday"

Me said...

Gorgeous, magical. Great piece to go with this week's theme.

lettuce said...
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lettuce said...

i like the opening box being a positive thing to do

lovely words

Lenora said...

From the pain, hope - wonderful poem - I'm a newbie to this theme thursday - this is great!