Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday 1/1/2010 - "A NEW BOOK"



The last page was read. She gently closed the book.
It had taken a year to finish.

Some chapters had crawled by while others had sped.
She remembered wondering when she was younger if she would live to the turn of the century.
Now another decade was beginning as she lifted up her new book.

Prayer Girl
(Photo credit: Fairytale by Gossamer Innocence)

Flash Fiction Friday 55
is a story written in exactly 55 words.
Let the G-Man know if you write one
and read the ones of your fellow writers.


Brian Miller said...

nice 55...another decade goes into the books...time seems to fly faster and faster. keep reading...smiles.

my 55 is up!

Just Be Real said...

A ha, I get it! Great 55 PG. Some go by faster than others. Blessings dear!

Wanda's Wings said...

What a beautiful way to look at a year. We are writing a new book as we begin this new year.

Kim A. said...

You are I both wrote our 55 on books...great minds thing alike. Very nicely done.


Anonymous said...

I like your story and love the butterfly in the picture.....
If you haven't noticed, I love butterflies. :)

G-Man said...

PG....You'll be around for a long long time baby!
Excellent 55 Young Lady!
You are ALWAYS like a breath of fresh air!!
Thank You for your support of me and others this past year...You Rock!!
Have a Wonderful New Year...Galen

Gabriella Moonlight said...

PG what a brilliant book it is too and what a gorgeous way to sum up a year, a life, a decade... you always surprise me, you always share your divinity brilliantly...thank you!!

love gabi

Enchanted Oak said...

Time flies except when you're reading a great book. Especially if you have a hand in it.
Happy New Year. Happy new book of life.

Syd said...

Another year is like another book. Thanks for being here in 2009. I look forward to more PG in the coming year.

sarah said...

awesome. love this and the picture so fits.