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This morning I found myself behind on some of my readings. As I caught up, I came across this beautiful gem.

"Learn to shut yourself away in My Presence...............

All power is given unto Me. It is Mine to give, Mine to withhold, but even I have to acknowledge that I cannot withhold it from the soul that dwells near Me, because it is then not a gift, but passes insensibly from Me to My disciples.

It is breathed in by the soul who lives in My Presence.

Learn to shut yourself away in My Presence - and then, without speaking, you have those things you desire of Me, Strength - Power - Joy - Riches."
(From "God Calling", January 23, )

What wonderful words for a meditation. They lead me to the idea that I will not have to think hard or speak long in order to hear God. I tucked this reading into a deep corner of my heart for the day and God began sharing his presence in the following ways.

At church the priest quoted St. Francis de Sales, who said, "Heart speaks to heart. Lips speak only to ears." I wonder how often I say something to someone or listen to someone, but do not really "hear" what they are trying to say. When hearts speak, I believe I can hear more clearly. When lips move and only ears hear, I am listening without real understanding.

When I am visiting patients in the hospital I often ask God to help make sense out of what is being said, what is needed, and how I can be of help. Patients are sometimes disoriented and confused. They often have difficulty putting their thoughts and feelings into words. When I enter the room, we are usually total strangers to each other. I often just think the word 'God' and believe that I will say the next right reassuring, comforting thing.

Often when speaking with a sponsee they are confused, full of emotion, and searching for answers. I will think 'God' and have faith that I will say the next right thing to lead this person in recovery. I feel the presence of the spirit that has led us all into recovery as I work the twelve steps with sponsees. What happens as we move through the steps is a miracle of revelation and change.

The priest also prayed, "Lord, help me listen from my heart as well as by my ears.", making reference to the de Sales quote. When I visit people in the hospital and sit with sponsees, I hope I am understanding with my heart and my intellect.

The winds are blowing this afternoon at 23 miles per hour as I sit on my back porch. It blows across me. I feel the spirit in the air. I hear God's wordless language - not with my ears, but with my heart. I feel shut away in God's presence. There are many times when thoughts arrive in my mind as if on a breeze.

These are some of my thoughts today, my meditation.

I am at peace today. Peace to you my blogger friends.

Prayer Girl
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Hap Joy Free said...

beautiful. Just like you.

I can feel God in your spirit tonight. :) Please give my love to Steve and tell him how much I love him too.



Marcia said...

Love this.

Lou said...

I'm at peace also, hearing God's wordless language.

I love the idea of thinking "God" to find the right words. I'm sure you are very comforting to the patients.

Kim A. said...

Our two dogs are lost tonite and I am missing them and praying and hoping. I have done all I can right now and when I read this, it was what I needed. All will be well and tomorrow will come. Thanks..


Kathy M. said...

Your sponsees and patients are blessed. I love this. Thanks.

Just Be Real said...

In His presence is where it is at! Getting there and living there daily is where I am striving at! Thank you PG! Blessings.

Shadow said...

those are great words. well worth remembering!

Mama Zen said...

I love this.

Brian Miller said...

i love this as well. such peace in just reading it. thank you.

McCaffery said...

Dear Prayer Girl...I just passed the "Honest Scrap" award on to you, and your blog. If you don't "do" awards, or if you have already received it, I still wanted to make the gesture of giving it to you, wanting to list your blog on my page as a blog that I think of as very honest. If you would like to take part of if you do not already have it, the "rules" are on my blog page, at the top today. Keep on with the honesty, and also such recovery, I so much appreciate it.
Have a nice day.

wolfie185 said...

I hear what you are saying PG. This is what I have to do in my work, when I don't then I can do more harm than good


Syd said...

I am at peace as well, although there is some unrest around me. It is not anything that I can change or control, so I have to let it go.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Excellent, excellent post! Perfect for Monday.