Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 1/29/10 - "THE AWAKENING"



It began with a soft humming growing slowly to an insistent blatting that pierced her head.

She delivered a swift blow to the box.

Ten minutes passed, it repeated.

She delivered two hits.

The noises again and she unplugged it and removed the battery.

She slept.

It rang.

Where was she?

Please! No! Not Reality!


Prayer Girl

(* Photo Credit: FTC_Sleeping Beauty by

Flash Fiction Friday 55
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Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh PG although I don't always comment I so dearly love your writing! This one absolutely captured my feelings this morning as I drifted in and out of my own sleepiness to wake up finally to my little dogs, coffee and a shower. Bliss...maybe...definitely!
xo Gabi

Mama Zen said...

Amen to that, sister!

anthonynorth said...

Ah, reality. A strange thing. Unreal.

g-man said...

Do we HAVE to be here?
I so love my little 'dream world'!
Excellent 55 My Dear.
And I so love the places that your very talented mind takes us!
Thanks for this fine contribution, and have a Wonderful Week-End...G

Brian Miller said...

snap back to reality
oops there goes gravity...

sorry, channeling eminem...the snooze button is evil. or maybe just the alarm. smiles.

nice 55.

Realliveman said...

Nice 55!

Peter Stone said...

That's awesome. I've set my alarm to do the same, it rings every 8 minutes until I finally thaw out. And your conclusion - as unwanted reality seeps in, I've been there too.

My 55 is HERE

otin said...

Oh, I hate oversleeping!!! Very good!

Kim A. said...

Me to a tee! Of course, I also think we need a national siesta time and napping should be an olympic sport. I'd win.


Felicitas said...

That really is the worst... especially when it's Monday morning!

Susan said...

This sounds like me every morning. Just ten more minutes, LOL. To sleep perchance to dream :)

Thanks for visiting mine!

sarah said...


Akannie said...

Wonderful, PG!!

Loving you...

Anonymous said...

There must be a better way to be woken up than an alarm clock. I have destroyed a few in my time. Well written blog