Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday 1/21/10 - "SPARK OF HOPE"


A blog just would not come. My mind was open, moving, but nothing came. I wanted to blog yesterday about that spark of hope that had no business being in me, but was there when I awoke from my last drunk. I couldn't find the words. Now I have found the words in the following form:

Only three years - brought three deaths: mental, emotional, spiritual
The body disappearing too - like a woman in a vanishing act
So quickly like the seven point zero earthquake
Leaving behind ruin, destruction and devastation

Liquor robbed her of all inside save her life
Left her zombie-like, dancing on her liquid legs
Then she would drop and pray
No thought, no wish, no expectation of a better day

Left her job, loving wife and mother - all stolen away
Could not be saved by doctor, religious, friend or self
Filled with despair, self-destruction all around
In this gloom a last drunk began, a final plunge into oblivion

Another day - it dawned just like the ones before
The morning sun, a knife, cutting into her sodden brain
But something new! A sense! A thought! What's there?
This could not be. There was no way. But there it was.

A smallest spark of hope as if from nowhere now appearing.
How? Unknown! But know she did - somehow - all would be well.

And it was!

Prayer Girl
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Tall Kay said...

Oh I just loved this PG! This is like one of those sayings that should go on a plaque up on the wall! Just the smallest spark of hope was all it took for me too. No matter how dark it is today...there is always hope for a better tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your artistic touch :o)

wolfie185 said...

Very Cool

Madison said...

Very touching, well written and exactly what we all pray for - that mysterious spark.

sarah said...

great post

Brian Miller said...

and it was...a great end of the chapter...smiles.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

lovely poem. thanks for sharing it :)

Lou said...

I'm a believer that we never know where that spark may come from, so reach out to someone every day!

Kim A. said...

That feeling that "all will be well" no matter what is what I found in Alanon. No matter what. What a gift...


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know what you mean about that spark, I have no idea how in the world it stayed lit...

Sometimes I think it was the prayers of others that kept it going, not in me but because I was always TRULY loved, even though I didn't realize it.

Paula said...

Moves me deeply. Thanks PG, thanks so much

Syd said...

I am so glad that you have that hope today.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is just it, I cannot describe to people that moment, but it had a lot to do with hope and describe it here brilliantly and with eloquence that I cannot find...thank you!!!
love you,

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Just beautiful. And that is that. ♥

G-Man said...

You are just sooo Brilliant!