Monday, January 25, 2010


Before I begin my blog, I want to thank McCaffery
for this "Honest Scrap" award.
Thank you so much for thinking of me
when you were handing out this award.


Dear sponsee,
This is a letter of amends. It seems we have hit a rough patch that has disrupted the beautiful spiritual connection we have enjoyed. I hope you will understand.

I will forever be grateful that God brought us together. Since we met in an Al-Anon meeting over a year ago, the weeks have grown into months and the months have become more than a year. We have come to know intimate things about each other. We have shared so much of ourselves. I have done the best I knew how to share my own experience, strength and hope with you. You, in return, have been so very honest with me.

We have spent the past year methodically moving through the twelve steps using the Al-Anon book "Paths to Recovery". There have been times when you were anxious to move ahead quickly and there have been those times when your feet have dragged and much time has lapsed. But, the wonderful news is that you are now at the twelfth step and we are ready to sit down to do that last step that begins, "Having had a spiritual awakening as THE result of the steps..."

You have had that spiritual awakening and I see a miracle in front of me. You have changed in so many fundamental ways since we first began. In the process, I have changed too. I thank you for all I have learned about myself, life, and relationships during this process.

We have now come to a place where my clay feet are sticking out. I am making amends to you for having judged you. I have sought God's help to be less judgmental, critical and censoring of myself and in the process I have become less so with others. But it is a work in progress so I believe I may have reacted to your recent choice with unspoken, but surely felt by you - judgment of your actions. Who am I to say what choices you should make? I have always made my own choices, some have turned out well and some not so well. I am sorry.

I am your sponsor. God put us together. God has used me to pass the Al-Anon program on to you. I am also human. I pray we will be able to move beyond our human frailties and maintain the beautiful relationship we have shared so far.

I have kept this letter general so I could share it with others. I have written no specifics that could be linked back to you. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program. Thank God for that.

You will forever remain in a very special place in my heart and in my life. I love you.

Your sponsor,
Prayer Girl


Tall Kay said...

Very touching PG. It's always so hard to admit we have been human...but that's how God made us. I pray this letter will mend the heart that has been hurt.

Anonymous said...

this mean your leaving to? I will be sad if it is true.

Anonymous said...

PG ~ first of all, congrats on the well deserved award.

Secondly, thank you so much for sharing your is spoken from the heart and is a great reminder to us all to place principles before personalities. I am now able to sponsor and will do so with your words in mind. Again, thank you for your honesty and integrity.

I wish you and your sponsee the very best.


Madison said...

I'm glad you are sensitive to people you love who don't want to hear what you have to say. Listening to people like you, however, is a very good idea.

Brian Miller said...


Kim A. said...

It is an honest letter. Simple and powerful. You both are blessed!


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Amen! It's a wonderful and honest and open letter full willingness and hope.

With God, we will not fail!



Syd said...

Thanks PG for sharing a letter of amends. It really speaks of your honesty and humility.

wolfie185 said...

That was beautifully honest. I pray the healing process starts for both of you. I know I put my sponsor on a pedestal and been hurt because I fail to remember he is just another human trying to do God's will.

Thanks for sharing this. It is post like this that make you a treasure to the blogging community.

Love and Hugs

Garnet said...

What a beautiful example. Thank you.

sarah said...

wow. the sponsee who linked with you as her sponsor was totally blessed. You're the best PG. Stay real. Sarah