Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday 11/24/09 - "LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD?"


Life according to an alcoholic's strange thinking is characterized by the regular use of rationalization, justification, and self-delusion that is considered rational and quite normal by the alcoholic.

I have been this person and I have lived with this person. It is hell. It is crazy making. Life becomes one big fantasy world that is more like a nightmare than a fun day at the park. A sunny day is called a cloudy day. A DUI is blamed on the person the alcoholic was drinking with.

The need to distort reality, denial, is the way life is lived. The truth must be hidden at any cost.
What is the truth? The truth is that the alcoholic is in a total state of powerlessness whose life is completely unmanageable. With no way of dealing with the hopelessness of the situation, the alcoholic will not, cannot, must not see the reality of his life.

What is the answer? Steps 1, 2, 3. Whether I am the alcoholic or the person living with the alcoholic, the solution is the same. I must admit my powerlessness (over alcohol or the alcohol the other person is drinking), recognize and accept that only God can restore sanity, and make the decision to stop trying to fix things myself. I need to turn my will and my life over to God's care.

Powerlessness - need of God's power.

Insanity - God, good orderly direction, can restore me to sanity.
A life out of control - living in God's will can bring order

God bless,

Prayer Girl


mile191 said...

prAYER gIRl - This is a beautiful message, I am glad I stopped by. I love this: "powerlessness whose life is completely unmanageable."

My life has been that way....without the drinking....I think because I haven't taken any of the steps you talked about to heal. So I am not drinking....it is not enough. THe steps must be taken, in order to overcome the powerless that I feel I have to turn my life over to GOd.

Oh, I pray I can begin today.

Hugs. mile 191

Brian Miller said...

i think we all have those times when we try to distort reality and believe we have the power to do it. though misguided...

Paula said...

To accept the powerlessness of his drinking was so very hard, took quite some time and meant I felt power again. The power of powerlessness. It was so freeing. Right now I am learning that this powerlessness has to be applied in other areas of life as well.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow, you so eloquently stated my blog today...we must be on the same wavelength, this is so TRUE! Thank you PG, it's great to read with different experiences there. Thank you and love you,

Syd said...

I have often wondered about how the alcoholic can delude themselves and shift all the responsibility. It is a phenomenon that I don't understand. Thanks for helping me to understand that it is a distortion of reality born of selfishness.

Madison said...

"Whether I am the alcoholic or the person living with the alcoholic, the solution is the same." Truer words were never written!

Just Be Real said...

Beautiful and thank you for sharing!

Just Another Sober Guy said...

"the alcoholic will not, cannot, must not see the reality of his life."

Yup, that was me! All the crazy-making insanity was completey normal to me for so long I could not (would not) see it as anything but normal.

Great share, thanks!


Shadow said...

one thing that's really been a relief is not having to think up and make up those elaborate stories...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh boy does that truth reflect in my life!

Thank God for a Power that does work when I seek and depend on it, on Him!


Love to you! SO much LOVE to you I cannot express!!!