Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday 11/22/09 - "SUN DAY GRATITUDE"


It is "Sun day", a beautiful morning with lots of sunshine, and my soul is full of gratitude.

I am grateful for:

the sun that will kiss me, not bake me today

the fact that God has changed me enough that I am able to have brief moments of clarity - that in these fleeting crystal clear moments I am able to see certain events of my life and patterns of my behavior that help me understand myself and others.

the grace of God that touched Bill Wilson and that this touch brought Alcoholics Anonymous into existence to save my life and the lives of countless others.

the ability to grow quiet enough to listen for that softest of voices deep down inside me and to be able to hear.

my faith and trust that "all is well" if I continue to listen for that still small voice within, just follow the gentle nudging and prompting of that voice, and allow it to lead me in the right directions.

the opportunities God gives me to touch others with my hands, words, and sensitivity - that when these moments occur, they leave me with an overwhelming conviction of the love of God.

my family, friends, and blogger companions.

all creatures great and small including my great big 85 pound foster dog, Lucky, and my small 14 pound kitty, Bert - may they learn to live in peace.

the sponsee I will meet this morning and the home group Al-Anon meeting I will attend.

the chili recipe I will make this afternoon and enjoy this evening.

the ability to write and read blogs.

the love I feel in my heart.

Prayer Girl


Tall Kay said...

You always touch my heart PG. What a beautiful day of sunshine and gratitude! Have a great day and I hope that chili recipe is delicious!

Madison said...

You are most certainly walking with God.

enchantedoak said...

Hi, Prayer Girl,
That is a gorgeous photo and a marvelous gratitude list to begin my Sunday with. You said it all for me, so I prayed it as I read along.
Love, Chris

Dulce said...

Do Let and may that LOVE grow in all directions, PG

Steve E said...

PG, your posts always ALWAYS make so much spiritual sense, and also other sense. And today is a Gratitude List which is the real YOU!

Syd said...

I think that there is a bounty of goodness in you. I'm grateful that you are here and that you write from the heart.