Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday 11/16/09 - "MEET LUCKY!"

(Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shepherd mix extraordinaire)

This is 'Lucky', daughter's dog. He is a very sweet, happy, playful, happy-go-'lucky', loving puppy. And he loves to lick. It's almost an obsession with him. Though his name is Lucky, I have some other names I use for him. I call him 'Baby', I call him 'Lucky', and sometimes I even call him 'Lickey Lucky'. He responds to them all. :)

This morning I heard two very funny one-liners in my home group Al-Anon meeting.


I heard this in another Al-Anon meeting and loved it - No one ever has to explain a "YES" answer!

My face lights up with happiness at these thoughts:

Today was a gloriously sunny day with a beautiful soft breeze, high around 80, and a perfect day for an AA picnic. I saw many people I knew there and had the pure pleasure of seeing and sitting with my daughter and some of the other young people from the treatment center.

A girl I admire greatly from Alcoholics Anonymous asked me to sponsor her in Al-Anon. What a gift to be able to pass that program on to someone I love.

I will have the opportunity to visit patients tomorrow in the hospital. I wonder what that will bring. It is always a unique 'experience'.

I talked with my son tonight. He and his wife had a fun-packed weekend including the wedding of friends and an early Thanksgiving dinner with his wife's parents who are visiting from out of town, her sister's family, and her brother. It sounded like a wonderful time and it makes me happy to hear them happy.

I just lit my candles sending prayers for loved ones heavenward. They are in front of me as I blog and I will leave them burning for a while.

Thank God that finally after several crazy hours of cat and dog 'stuff', Lucky understood how very serious I was when I yelled for him to leave kitty alone and he finally went to his mat to lie down and he's sleeping. Kitty is lying quietly on the back of the sofa near my shoulder and he's sleeping too. They wore themselves out so, for the moment, all is calm and I am grateful. One of the candles I just lit was for Lucky and Bert.

I have had the time to read blogs this evening and that makes me happy.

Bedtime will be coming soon. :)

Love and prayers,
Prayer Girl


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yeh i love the dragged one too :)
thnkx for sharing, i love quotes and doggy looks lovely too :)

Shadow said...

lucky's got a real mischieveous face, love it! peace to him and kitty...

Steve E. said...

I have MET Lucky
He is MINE --grin! feed him. So?
SOMEONE has to do it!
I take him for a walk

If I put Lucky in a trunk of a car with someone I love for an HOUR...then open the trunk--WHO do you think would greet me with JOY!

(That was NOT funny!)

But you ARE my wife, and I DO love you, too, and would never EVER put you in a trunk--for longer than 5 minutes Oooops!

PEACE, wife!

Just Be Real said...

Hi Lucky! You are one handsome dog!

Now you be a good doggie with kitty! Your mama gonna get mad at you precious....

Never having to explain a "yes" answer. I like that.

Blessings dear one.....

Lou said...

Your stories of Lucky and Bert are making me laugh. Our cat, Louise, gets in a terrible huff when my daughter's Boston Terriers come to visit..and the dogs just want to play!

I hear the happiness here of a sunny day at rehab watching your daughter get better. I have a few of those memeories myself, and they are precious to me.

Anonymous said...

Lucky is indeed Lucky to be with you guys :-) Sweet face has he.

Hope you guys are have an F-filled day today ;-) (I like that one).


Banana Girl said...

The other F word, indeed! Love it. J.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love the dragged comment, that is so the truth to our lives. Lucky has great nicknames too and is a gorgeous dog, although Bert must think.."m'eh, silly ol' dog, not so great!"

Many hugs to you and loved the joy in this post!!!
xox g

Cat said...

Love those one liners!

Lucky looks like a ball of energy and any dog that kisses has got to be a great dog!


Cheryl said...

Love that "let go or be dragged" - going to write that on the board, where I'll see it each time I walk down the hallway.

Syd said...

I like your one liners from meetings. And of course I like Lucky (aka Baby).