Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday 11/26/09 - "A HAPPY DAY OF THANKS"


I am happy that:

my son and his wife are happy together on this Thanksgiving (their first as a married couple) and that they have a wonderful fun day planned.

my mother left me a terrific recipe for strawberry pie that I just finished making.

I will be going to our Alcoholics Anonymous clubhouse tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner with strawberry pie in hand. They always have a wonderful holiday meal with "everything" to eat.

there will be an AA speaker the last hour of the festivities.

the treatment center my daughter is in will be coming to the AA club too - hurray! We'll get to see her.

I met for the first time today with a new Al-Anon sponsee. Our next meeting will be to start Step One. We broke bread together at Crispers. We both had reubens - soooo good!!! When we parted she told me how honored she was that I spent time with her. But what I feel is totally honored myself that God has blessed me with this opportunity.

I and those I love are all in good health.

I love my kitty, Bert, and I really love my daughter's dog, Lucky. He is a handful, but so sweet and loving. He lickingly lifts my spirits. :)

I have a relationship with God who is the power in my life that I lack.

I can wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Prayer Girl


Syd said...

Bless you Anna on this Thanksgiving. You are an inspiration with all that you do.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God bless you, Steve, your families and network and the four legged beasties! :) Much love and many many happy returns!!!

Anonymous said...

GOd Has blessed many whom you touch, as you touch all of us. Blessings to you and all your family, extended ones included. Happy Thanks-Giving

Brian Miller said...

strawberry pie...i would be thankful to share! happy thanksgiving! i hope you and yours have an amazing day!

Tall Kay said...

So much to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day.

Marcia said...

Happy Thanksgiving PG.

Steve E said...

Today. THANKSGIVING 2009 I just had to break my "fast" from commenting. It is with SO much Gratitude that I and you have stayed sober for all these years.

Today we meet with many friends, our "other" family at the 24-Hour Club, those without whom we might not now be alive. Thank You God, for bringing me to Alcoholics Anonymous! And thank you AA, for bringing me back to God....

Wanda's Wings said...

Bless you my friend and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lou said...

Give your daughter an extra hug..that one will be from me.

All this sounds so wonderful, I'm glad I stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Thanksgiving list! The strawberry pie sounds awesome... making my mouth water, LOL. Love and peace to you on this day :)