Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday 12/1/09 - "GETTING BACK TO BASICS"


I, unfortunately, stray from keeping things simple sometimes and then I must remember to get back to basics. I have always been prone to over-analyzing, compulsive thinking, and to being a person who worried situations like a dog with a bone - all very exhausting and very non-productive activities.

These activities cause mental fatigue, confusion and can lead to feelings of hopelessness (powerlessness). Too many changes or multiple stressful events at the same time can push me into these old patterns of behavior.

So what can I do to move out of this unpleasant place I find myself in at times? Getting back to the basics I have learned in my 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon programs has always worked.

What are some of these basics?

Spend time each day with God praying and listening.

If there is an amends to be made, DO IT!

Take time each day to review the numerous things I am grateful for. Focus on what I have, not on what I lack. Practice being satisfied.

Take time to remember where I came from compared to the life I live today. This is guaranteed to readjust my perspective if it has gotten out of whack.

Go to meetings regularly and frequently.

Talk to other alcoholics and members of Al-Anon often.

Take a moment each day to smell a rose, watch a bird, listen to it sing, watch a cloud scud along on a breeze, or watch tree limbs bending in the wind. In other words, enjoy the mysteries and beauties of nature God has surrounded us with.

Take a deep breath and think about who is in charge. If it's not God, then readjust my thinking.

Remember to be where my feet are. (Stay in the now.)

Remember always that love is stronger than hate, jealousy, or envy - it can dispel them.

Think about someone other than myself, but at the same time, take care of myself.

Love and prayers to my blogger friends,
Prayer Girl


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat. I need to start praying to my Angels again

Andrea said...

We all need to get back to the basics.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Steve E said...

WOW! Really a good list for living sanely in an insane world. Thanks PRAYER GIRL.

Just Be Real said...

Powerful post. Spending time more with God, who could ask for anything more especially! The benefit! Thanks dear for sharing....

Madison said...

Now that's a post to be hung on the refrigerator.

Shadow said...

thank you for these, a list i'll keep handy, if you don't mind...

Tall Kay said...

It all sounds so simple...yet somehow we begin to forget. Great reminder for me to KISS ~ Keep It Simple Sweetheart! :o) Works every time!

Syd said...

We are on the same track today, although I'm not obsessing in detail right now. But these are good things to remember because when I think too much, I get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Great truths in your post. Some things I need to practice in my every day life. Thanks!