Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thursday 10/1/09 - "MY GOD BOX"


Last year I received a present from a wonderful blogger, Jen. She is no longer blogging as far as I know, but she will be in my heart and in my home for a long time to come. One of the gifts she sent was a box she made with her own loving hands, decorated by the inspiration of her heart, and it became "MY GOD BOX". (The box pictured is not the one she sent.)

On this 1st day of October I have many items in this GOD BOX.

I received a call from an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsee this morning that she had "gone out" (drinking and drugging) over the weekend and did not call me till today out of shame and disappointment in herself. This girl has been "out" three times in the short few months since I met and began sponsoring her. She wants to try again. She's in my GOD BOX.

Another girl I sponsored in AA for 5 years who moved away has decided that she'll be O.K. drinking as long as she stays away from drugs. It breaks my heart to watch someone I love killing themselves in front of my eyes. She's in my

Another alcoholic who is close to me has made the same decision that drinking is O.K. as long as she stays away from drugs. This is heartbreaking too. She's in my

Someone I love, like many others these days, has been unemployed a long time and finally landed a first job interview in a year. A prayer for her employment is in the

Prayers for health for myself, my husband, my children, their loved ones, the patients I visit in the hospital, and my many friends are all in my

I have a lot of new friends, most of whom I have never met face-to-face, here in the blogosphere. I have come to know you through your writings. Many suffer the heartache of betrayal by friends, family, or other loved ones. Others are on journeys of healing from childhood abuse. And some are facing difficult mental or physical illnesses. All these bloggers are in my GOD BOX.

I just realized I need to put myself in my GOD BOX - so I'm in there now!

What's in your

Prayer Girl


Wanda's Wings said...

WHAT a wonderful thing to have. I place to put things in God's hand. things we can not fix by our self. thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

Just Be Real said...

A God Box, is such an awesome idea and a constant reminder! What a blessing PG! Thanks for sharing this.

Madison said...

I love that because so many times one prayer replaces another and we forget about the ones that can come out of the box. I'm going to make a box for everyone in my family. Thanks so much for your faithful blog. It always touches my heart.

Shadow said...

what a great box. i remember reading about it at jenn's...

wolfie185 said...

I don't have an actual God box though I love the idea and bought one at a benefit auction for a special friend of mine who was and is still going through rough times and yes she is in my mental God box. My daughter of course is in mine, along with a sponsee who has been bouncing in and out for months now, my clients at the treatment center especial those who leave and have to put the tools to use, the people I am closest too and blogger friends many of the same ones you have in your box.

Thanks for another great post!!!

Gin said...

All those that suffer from the disease of addiction/alcoholism and their family and friends. My children, my husband, and me. Love this PG.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I have a God Box I use pretty much're in there as is your hubby, I'm in there with so many others who i love and care for...God can and will take care of them when I cannot...thank you for the reminder!

Love you

Akannie said...

Good Morning, PG...

What a beautiful post...I have had several God Boxes over the years,..the first one was given to me by a woman I met when I was very new to sobriety..she made it out of a Celestial Seasonings tea box and covered it with beautiful paper. It was for putting my son in every make me learn how to give him to God on a daily basis. lol Today he is 10 years clean and must have worked. lol

I am experiencing lots of the same roads as you with old biker guy told me the other day..."We're like the Blue Man can talk til you're blue, but if they're not ready, they're not ready." Unfortunately, he's right. All we can do is carry the message.

Thanks for lifting up my morning...


Pete Hoge said...

In my God Box, which is my heart,
is the prayer everyday for God
to show me how to be useful.


clean and crazy said...

i haven't used my god box in quite a while, it is pretty full though. have not been through it.
i chose this old nicorette box that my mother had, she stopped smoking and then 3 months later got diagnosed with cancer.
i started using it before she died. now it is so full every time i put a piece of paper in there it pops out the other end. i miss jenn too, hope she is doing well.

Steve E. said...

I did not know this was a God Box...and all this time, I've been trying to get OUT!

Syd said...

I just gave a sponsee a God box. It's good for so many things. But I first got mine when I did my sixth and seventh steps. Each character defect went in.
Thanks for sharing about yours.

Little M said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. I feel a little creative project coming on!

sarah said...

I love this idea. It's so tangible. I'm going to make one and hey just want you to know, - you are an amazing gift in my world. Sarah

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

This is just beautiful. A death in my family kept me away from blogging last week.

I love the God Box. I'm so glad I came here tonight. I'm refreshed. Please put my HubbyMan in your box; he needs a job. Put my DIL in it; her dad just died. Thank you for popping in on me tonight and lifting me up.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, PG. And now I want a God Box :)