Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wednesday 9/2/09 - "INTEREST IN OUR FELLOWS"

Gaining interest in others,
extending a helping hand!



("Alcoholics Anonymous", p. 84 - 6th 9th step promise)

Before sobriety, everything was 'ALL ABOUT ME'. What you thought, what you chose to do, how you behaved, all was filtered through my own mind's view of life. Was it fair? Was it right? ..... AS IT APPLIED TO ME!!! I was totally unaware this was happening - all that self-centeredness!

I also didn't understand that I couldn't make anyone tow the line, follow my script, share my
vision of things. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became. My answer to this frustration was alcohol. It allowed me to "not care" what was going on. In the end, that was my undoing and then eventually my redoing.

When I found sobriety and worked the 12 steps, it was a relief to be able to give up all this need to control things. I couldn't control alcohol and its affect on me and I couldn't control other people. When I surrendered, I found freedom from alcohol and then I found peace and serenity.

As the steps changed me, I found myself more interested in others. Step 12 brought me to a real desire to help carry the message of a spiritual awakening to other alcoholics, and to practice the 12 steps in all that I do. 'Getting out of myself' is important to recovery and what better way than to be interested in my fellows.

"Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity
from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics."

(Alcoholics Anonymous", p. 89)

I found this quote by Einstein and it made me think how well he seemed to understand the alcoholic mind. He said,
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

I will be leaving tomorrow morning to visit my children in the Tampa area. I'll be back Friday. I'm taking my computer with me, but I'm not sure I'll have an opportunity to blog. If not, I will be back Friday with a 55.

Love and prayers to all of you,
Prayer Girl


Cheryl said...

Getting out of myself can be such a relief at times - brings me back to the realisation that compared to some, I have it easy - and that leads me to heartfelt gratitude.
Have an excellent trip!

Tall Kay said...

So very true. I have found so many ways to be of service inside and outside the rooms of AA. I am so grateful for my 'undoing' and my 'redoing'! So lovin this series on the Promises. Have a blessed trip...we'll be praying for your safe return. See ya Friday.

wolfie185 said...

I had to understand how many levels of selfishness there were, one of the biggest for me was people pleasing, trying make others happy so they would care about me. This is still a defect have to be vigilant with, knowing the differance between bring unselfish and helping others so they appreciate me and make me feel good about myself.
Thanks for a great post.

Andrew said...

Enjoy the visit with your children.

And thank you for all you are.

G-Man said...

Good Girl....:-)

Have Fun.....G

Akannie said...

Have a grand time--you deserve it!
PS--Love the shiny new look!!

xoxoxoxox Annie

Shadow said...

'getting out of myself' very important that! enjoy your visit!!!

Syd said...

I used to think that I wasn't self-centered but all the self-pity and resentment was all about me. Hope that you have a good trip Anna.

Susan DeAngelis said...

Beautiful! This is so incredibly true.

Love the Einstein quote.

Have a great trip, sweetie.