Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday 9/10/09 - "BACK TO NORMAL?"


The traveler has returned - unscathed, in one piece, feet in good shape, looking good, feeling good in a big hug, well fed, drinking water, drinking espresso, back in front of his computer.

Things are back to normal? What do I mean?

I no longer will keep all doors compulsively locked at all times day and night.

I will not have to check the locked doors 3 or more times before going to bed.

I can put the letter opener near the bed back where it belongs.

My habit of staying out and about till 3:00 in the afternoon, returning long before dark, and not leaving once it has become dark can be dropped.

I can choose to continue collecting the trash on Friday night for pick-up Saturday morning or give the job back to hubby.

The BIG coffee pot will be put back into service.

Maybe I'll ride my scooter again.

There will be sounds other than a T.V. in the house again. I'll hear the "dings" of the chat room
and the sounds of blog videos being played coming from another computer.

The garage space is back to the way it was - - - two scooters and one RAV4.

Mr. Bert, our kitty, has his favorite person back to feed him and put him to bed on the back porch where he plays in "his jungle" (the plants out there) all night.

There will again be the prayers of TWO people rising from this household.

There is a special sense of "presence" in a home where love lives. That "presence" has returned.

I am grateful that my prayers for "safe riding" were answered.

Prayer Girl


Wanda's Wings said...

What a wonderful and up lifting post. Thank you for sharing.

Mike Golch said...

I'm glad to hear that he's home safe and sound.

Steve E. said...

What nice things you say here, and I have a message for you from a girl named Dorothy:

"There's NO place like home, Toto."

Syd said...

I'm glad that you have your mate back. It sounds as if he was sorely missed.

Cindy said...

Awww! Lovely!

Tall Kay said...

Prayers answered...Thank you God...amen.

Paula said...

Anna, how wonderful for both of you and how touchingly written. Thanks for sharing this love with us.

Shadow said...

what a wonderful post. i'm glad you have your 'normal' back!

A. Miles said...

I am SO glad he's back safe.
A beautiful post, PG.

And funny, as well. The BIG Coffee pot. Does it brew 140 oz? ;)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm glad life is back to 'normal' and so glad still that the ab-normal was such a blessing to all it affected.

Prayers continuing for you both to continue to receive Love, peace and blessings beyond measure!

Gin said...

There's a reason they say home is where the heart is. Now both of your hearts are back under one roof. This was beautiful PG. I know you are so happy to have him home safe and sound - as we are too!

Just Be Real said...

Glad that Stevie the man has returned! Blessings dear one!

Carol said...

We all make such a difference in each other's lives. It's quite different to be home alone with my son or to be home truly alone-we hardly talk but when the house is empty, it is EMPTY. Thanks for not being too cool to share that experience.

Dulce said...

I'm sure you are safer now in all senses. Having your man out on the road cannot be easy to bear.
I am really happy for both of you (please tell him).
This is a really beautifully written post- so full of home love life sharing > just WARM!
Thanks for coming by and your nice comment- :)
Love from Dulce

g-man said...

People will say your in love....

Where's my 55?