Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday 9/28/09 - "A PEEK"


Saturday night my mind was too mixed up to produce a Sunday blog so the first thing I did this morning was pump one out. It felt good to write.

I whipped up a fruit smoothie with milk, orange juice, banana, peach, apple, and strawberry. I took it with me to my home group Al-Anon meeting at 11 am. The smoothie was perfect as was the meeting.

The meeting was a discussion on a reading from "Hope For Today", September 21, p. 265. A few excerpts from that reading:

"I forget that there are ups and downs to any journey, and I feel overcome with disappointment with my seemingly slow progress. valuable it is to persistently move forward in the program. When the road ahead looks threatening and I want to turn back to my old attitudes and behaviors, I remember that I'm not alone on my path. I have the wisdom of a Power greater than myself, the tools of the program, and the experience, strength, and hope of my fellow travelers in Al-Anon to support me. ...During bleak periods of my recovery, my Higher Power reminds me that the best way out is through."

As is so often the case, this meeting seemed designed especially for my ears and my waiting heart.

I had planned to go to the gym after the meeting, but decided at the last minute to join three other women for a bite to eat instead. What a lovely way to spend a piece of a Sunday afternoon, listening and speaking with other recovering women.

I had a Reuben melt that was delicious and took half the sandwich home for tomorrow. When I got home, hubby was there so I gave him the half sandwich, and skipped the gym.

So - - - instead of using an elliptical machine, I napped. :)

Next, it was hubby and I off on our scooters to get a coffee and catch an Alcoholics Anonymous step meeting at 5:30. After the meeting, we found that someone was cooking up hot dogs, hamburgers, and bratwurst for anyone hungry. They had a picnic earlier in the day and these were left. My stomach loved it then, but isn't totally happy several hours later.

I had the pleasure of speaking with an Al-Anon sponsee when I got home from the meeting. What a wonderful thing. I just love the girls in my life.

This evening an enjoyable hour was spent chatting on "The Second Road" during their regularly scheduled Sunday night chat 8-9 pm.

I am mentally and spiritually preparing for my pastoral care volunteering tomorrow. I received a call from the Chaplain's office on Friday letting me know that two new volunteers will be shadowing me on Monday. This makes me a little nervous so I'm actively turning it over to God.

I am remembering that I spent years before retirement training staff. I was a staff development person among other things. I know how to train. Why am I worrying??? Silly question. Just another thing I'm working on - reducing worry.

Love and prayers for all you bloggers.

Prayer Girl


Madison said...

I know it took a lot to get there, but you are beyond blessed. And your blog is always a delight to read. It holds promise to so many.

Tall Kay said...

Is it so amazing that we get exactly what we need, at exactly the right time! I also had a peaceful day, and handing my worries over to God too. Ahhh, this is so much better! Hugs!

Steve E. said...

It almost felt as if I were reading a stranger's blog. "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF.." And I found it quite interesting

At the end I realized, it was US you were writing about!


clean and crazy said...

awe you know that reading really hit home for me. it is like what i was trying to explain in my post tonight. not running away because i am afraid but moving forward. glad i stopped by, glad you had a wonderful day thanks so much for sharing

Shadow said...

that's the perfect way to spend the day. not too planned, just going where the wind blows...

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for the peek PG. Sometimes we forget, but oh so quickly remember the ups and downs of our journey. I pray your worrying will become less and less. You shared quite a bit you did, scooting around, Al-Anon meeting, etc.
Blessings to you dear one.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Good peek and I'm glad you opened the curtains and let the light out and in :) Awesome blessings!

Paula said...

Sounds like a brillant and blessed day to me. Plenety of hugs to you. You are such a bliss

Syd said...

Life is good. It was a full weekend for me also. And I enjoyed all of it.

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous weekend :) I like the bit about the smoothie. I might do that at tonight's meeting.

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers to you too.