Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday 9/14/09 - "WHERE DID MY BLOG GO?"


Where oh where did my little blog go?
Oh where oh where did it go?

A little silliness perhaps? But, seriously, last night I hunted high and low for my blog, any blog. I searched in my right brain and then went over to the left. No luck. There was no blog to be found anywhere. Therefore, none was written. :(

It is Monday morning and I'm getting ready to go to the hospital for volunteering. If I can muster up enough motivation I'll hop over to the gym afterward and at least get some cardio exercising accomplished.

I wrote a poem not long ago about sleep eluding me. I even posted it. I'm in one of those restless sleep patterns. However, I know that it shall pass as everything does.


Sleep eludes me
Now - in the deepest part of night
Thoughts are flashing
Though I try with all my might
To tuck them in for good
And close the curtains of my sight

Sleep evades me
In this solitude of midnight
Where emotions fly about
Sparking thoughts like brilliant light
And my brain just cannot close
No shuttered mind this night

Sleep escapes me
In the silence of this night
But God is here
Gently whispering goodnight
Speaking in the stillness
Saying everything's alright

Prayer Girl

(Photo credits: Autumn Walk by Els Bx, Walking in the Park by Leslie Cervantez)


Steve E. said...

Yes, listen to God: "Everything's alright.'

Love ya Babe

Shadow said...

whew! i'm glad you found your blog again!

Shadow said...

and wishing you sweet dreams tonight...

Tall Kay said...

Good Morning Anna! It was nice chatting with you last night. You sound full of sprite today! Have a good Monday.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I still sleep like a rock, but serenity has eluded me over the last few days...I'm in a time of transition and reorganization at home, at work and inside me... It's all transitioning and I've no idea what will be on the other side, but I do know that the process of going from pupa to crysalis to butterfly is probably sometimes uncomfortable...

Gin said...

Well I say you found a good one! Good Morning PG!

Cat said...

PG your peotry is always so beautifully fluid.

Syd said...

Like the dog photos. Sometimes it just feels good to take a break from blogging and a bunch of other things too.

Just Be Real said...

Are you talking about your "enitre blog" being MIA for a bit, or just a post that you blogged???

Love the doggies.

Hope you will be able to regain some sleep dear one.

Blessings and hugs!

Wanda's Wings said...

Very cool and I can so relate to your poem.

Madison said...

That's so nice that God is whispering good night. Beautiful.

Carol said...

PG, twenty one is a perfect good number, divisible by 7 which is kind of a sexy number and 3 which is of course very primal and balanced. So, there you go, I'm very pleased to have you.


Cheri said...

Love your doggies and am glad that you found your blog! God always supplies. In our economy, it might seem late, but He's always right on time, isn't He?

Sweet dreams, and thanks for visiting Glass House!