Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday 12/28/09 - "CLEANING DAY"


I have been having so much fun this past week. I've given myself permission to go out for lunch after meetings with other Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon members several times. Last Wednesday we went to a little cafe for lunch where I had a delicious curry chicken salad. It was out of this world good as was the conversation at the table. Saturday I had made plans with myself to get to the gym after a noon women's meeting, but scrapped those plans when invited to join three other women for pizza. My daughter and I both went. Yesterday a sponsee took me to a little restaurant, Jane's, in the heart of old Naples. A very quaint spot where I dined on a French omelet with brie and bacon. Yum.

Tomorrow my son and his wife come for Christmas so today is "Cleaning Day". I will be vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, straightening, and also using my new steam floor cleaner requested and received for Christmas. It is time to really get my kitchen floor clean. I haven't tried the steamer yet, but it seems very straightforward and should be easy. Cross your fingers, please. :)

As for now, I'm off to the hospital where I will probably put in a shortened time. Instead of 4 hours, I'll stay about 2. I'm giving this time over to God to direct the time I spend there.

I wish all of you a wonderful Monday between Christmas and New Year's.

Prayer Girl


Shadow said...

isn't this the joy of the holidays. do, go, plan, change the plan, just merrily go where the mood dictates... have a great monday, dearest pg!

JustBeReal said...

Glad you have been having so much fun of late! How wonderful that you son and wife will be visiting tomorrow. Enjoy dear one! Blessings!

sarah said...

ok this picture definitely doens't look like me when I'm cleaning. :) This post is great. Glad to hear you're having fun...praying it stays that way. Have a very happy new year and I hope and pray...2010 will be the best yet for you. Sarah

Andrea said...

Prayers, blessings, and hugs,

Enchanted Oak said...

We show our love for life through food sometimes. I'm dining on all those cookies my daughter and I baked for Christmas and didn't quite get around to giving away. Now they're headed for my thighs. Have a wonderful visit with your son and daughter-in-law, and a glorious New Year too.

Pete Hoge said...

The 12th step fellowship
activity can be so small in
its scope that we forget that
we deliver the message in all
our daily affairs.

I hung out with an elderly
member of AA and just
listened, knowing I was
carrying the message somehow
and not worrying about how
I was doing it.


Wanda's Wings said...

Don't work too hard!

Brian Miller said...

enjoy the cleaning...and the time with fam as well. have a great monday!

Syd said...

Ugh--cleaning isn't much fun. I think that I would rather go out with friends, eat pizza, and all the other things that you mentioned. But enjoy your family.

Kim A. said...

The pizza would have won out over the gym here too. You are enjoying good food, good friends, and good fellowship. Wow.