Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thursday 12/10/09 - "DETACH"


"...Al-Anon members can be a world-wide inspiration to each other; thoughts and prayers fly across space to sustain and strengthen us all."

"What a relief to be able to detach ourselves from the chain that bound us to the weight of alcoholism - to know we need not be helplessly controlled by it. We are freed by knowing we cannot exert the slightest influence on it. How light and pleasant it is to be a link in that other chain that binds us together in Al-Anon, and to discover how to correct the attitudes that kept us chained to our anxieties."
(From "One Day at a Time", p.344, December 9)

What a relief it is for me to be able to detach from the weight of alcoholism, from alcoholic thinking and behavior. There is freedom when there is willingness to admit total powerlessness over another person's "ism". When I accept this, then I can hand it over to God. God has the power that I lack.

I love the idea that my attitudes determine whether I am chained to my anxieties or freed from them. Anxiety was my lifelong companion. I worried about what I said, did, how I looked, what you thought of me. These anxieties have diminished as I have learned to leave them with God.

Being able to detach and let go is a blessing of the Al-Anon program that has been freely shared with me and I freely share with others. Sometimes we need to detach from things such as certain relationships, a job, or old ideas.

I have learned how to detach using the tools learned in Al-Anon. For example, using the 3 As - becoming aware of things I need to detach from, accepting that this needs to happen, and then taking the action required. These actions include such things as prayer, practicing new behaviors, limiting the amount of time spent with someone, setting boundaries, and improving self-esteem by doing esteemable acts.

The more I detach, the more serenity and peace I experience.

God bless,
Prayer Girl


Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend, But this year I really didn't ask for anything for Christmas,we have to much going on,
please pick up your friends award

Anonymous said...

I'm learning how to detach from unhealthy issues... one day at a time. Inspiring post... thanks, PG. Hugs!!

ChaiLatte said...

Awesome post, PG. I'm working towards this... and so far it is very freeing! I love how it's helpful in SO many areas of my life.
Blessings to you.

Shadow said...

detach... that's the way. yes.

Just Be Real said...

PG detaching is such a powerful word! I am so glad also that you were able to detach from many things! Gives me encouragement to continue on. Thank you!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Wonderful! I continue to be reminded to detach from problems and from control points. And I continue to be freed from anxiety and fear more and more each day. :)

The photo today is quite beautiful!

clean and crazy said...

beautiful message we all can learn a little from detachment. hey did you know today is g-mans birthday? i posted a birthday card on my blog, my goal is to get as many bloggers to copy and post the card on their blogs, maybe with tonights 55, and since he is feeling under the weather, he won't be checking on us until then so we can give him a surprise cyber birthday party, ok i got a lot of other blogs to catch, can you pass this on to steve as well, i may not get everyone. thanks

enchantedoak said...

What a great read on an anxious Thursday morning as deadlines loom. Al-Anon has much to add to a recovering alcoholic's life, as you prove. I'm working, with God's help, to detach from my drinking friend, and pay attention to the priorities set before me just for today. Your post helped.

Brian Miller said...

like the idea of detaching from those things that weigh us down. happy day to you!

Lou said...

Taking the Action required..that is the hardest part. But it does get easier with practice.
Thinking of you, and hope all is well.

Syd said...

Detaching is essential to my peace of mind. I am so grateful to also let go and give up the problems, people and other things that used to vex me to God.

Tall Kay said...

I remember a wonderful little piece of Al-Anon literature called Detaching with Love. I used to read it over and over trying to understand the concept. It is a great tool for peace and serenity. Thanks for a powerful message.