Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday 10/15/09 - "BLESSED"


I am blessed today.

I spent time with two different Al-Anon sponsees today. I met with one this afternoon and we worked the 9th step together. I met with the other this evening and we did the 2nd step. They were beautiful experiences.

I am able to admit my total powerlessness over disturbing situations happening in my life and the lives of people I love. With the help of loving, supportive loved ones and Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon program people, I am able to continually turn over my cares and worries every time they resurface within me.

I am watching the smoke from six lit votive candles carrying my prayers for six loved ones to God. I have hope, faith, and trust that those prayers are being heard and answered.

I know where to take my loving kitty who I just discovered has lost hair along one side of his body. Several years ago I found a place that specializes in treating cats only, The Cat Care Clinic. I will call them tomorrow and they will help Mr. Bert.

I have written my Flash Fiction Friday 55 already. All I have to do is wait till tomorrow night to post it.

I have met some new bloggers recently when they became followers of my blog. I have also met some when they commented for the first time. Oh how I love meeting new friends in the blogosphere.

I was led one night recently to rock my crazy mind into calmness. My mind was refusing to shut down for the night and I moved from my bed where I was tossing and turning over and over into an antique child's rocking chair nearby. I finally reached a place where God was able to slip into my spirit with a peace that brings sleep with it.

I have recently received many wonderful words of wisdom and support from my sponsor and other longtime AA and Al-Anon friends.

I have found some of the best AA and Al-Anon meetings our town has to offer.

I have finally become motivated enough to return to the gym. I hate going, but love how I feel when I have been there.

I was blessed to be able to bring my healing touch to some of the hospital patients I visited this week. I met a wonderful 32 year old man with sickle cell anemia who was in terrible pain, lying in a darkened room with a specialized breathing mask and a morphine drip. Despite the mask over his nose and mouth and his pain we talked of spiritual matters and many other things including how the places where we were born are a beautiful part of our innermost selves. As we spoke I could tell that he was transported momentarily back to his birthplace in Haiti. His eyes were full of wonder and memories of happy times. We held hands and we prayed. It was good.

My life is blessed.

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Abundance by Gilbert Williams)


Steve E. said...

PG, I shall be the first who is able to admit that you live a very busy, charmed existence and that you are empowered by an Unseen Spirit, chosen to carry that special help to those in need--wherever God sends you.

I have been witness to these happenings now for a long time. Just a few years ago I would not, could not have believed what I have now seen.

I picture some eyes rolling in the "Yeah, right!" mode, but I'll tell anyone: "Yeah. It IS right!" We must not limit God's Power, wherever it is manifest.

Good post. Thanks.

Love and peace!

DreamDancer said...

And YOU, my dear, are a BLESSING to others. Love, DD

Madison said...

Every time I wait for an elevator door to open and take the trip up and down (which seems to be often), I will pray with you today for the six people on your heart.

Andrew said...

And I am Blessed to read you.

Dulce said...

You' ve got a job to do, and blessed it surely is by God and so are you!!! When we do what we feel we get it.

Mama Zen said...

You always write the most uplifting posts. You are a blessing to us.

Shadow said...

i'm all over the show today, one of those days that feels completely surreal... but after your post i feel a little more grounded. it started with the line "lit votive candles" and ended with "my life is blessed". thank you.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with you and with the 32 year old man in the hospital, God continue to work in him as he rests there.

So glad he rocked your world and brought you to rest in his.

wolfie185 said...

PG we are blessed by your writings, the beauty of your words, they way they touch our souls.

diane d said...


My goodness I miss having a rocking chair!!! You just reminded me how heavenly they are. Maybe that will be my Christmas present to myself.

mile191 said...

Wow, what you are doing for others is amazing. I need to find someone here to help me with the steps. My struggles are too often. You have inspired me to find someone....

thanks, mile 191

Syd said...

Thanks for the uplifting post. I too feel so fortunate and blessed to have met so many great people in meetings and online. It is a worldwide fellowship.

Anonymous said...

This post brought peace to what has been a very chaotic week. Thank you.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yes i know the feeling :)

re speed reading. i use acreader pro

and read about ? 1000wds per min whichi couldnt do by eye :) i think its pretty good..
20 dollars or something..

Marcia said...

Very nice post Prayer Girl. Thanks for stoping by. I have been reading your blog for some time now. I admire all of you bloggers that find the time and the WORDS to write each day....

James Oh said...

PG, I agree to what Steve has said here. I am proud that you let Him to use you as one of His vessel to achieve His purpose. God bless,