Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday 10/18/09 - "BIG CHANGES"


Big changes are coming my way - and they are coming quickly.

My dearest daughter will be moving her furniture and all of her possessions into our house. We have a large home with only two of us living in it at this point. There is room, but I must finally start cleaning out the old to make way for her.

I have only several days to prepare for her to move in. She has arrived at a turning point in her life and by the grace of God she will grow into the person God intended her to be and she will find peace and serenity as she journeys in a new direction. I could use your prayers for her and for hubby and me.

I have postponed, put off, procrastinated at really clearing out the clutter of a lifetime of accumulating material possessions. I am a pack-rat and have things from every era of my life in boxes, chests, drawers, bags, and storage bins all over the house. I have attempted to downsize a few times and have made a tiny bit of progress, but overall the result has been negligible. So, the crunch is on and the time has come for me to start tossing things. Pray I will be successful.

We are about to become a foster family for daughter's dog, Lucky. I love dogs and it has been a long time since we have had the pleasure of man's best friend around here. Dogs are such unconditionally loving animals. I know I will fall in love with him.

Change is also in the air. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Yesterday some cooler air finally arrived. The air conditioning went off and the windows opened. This morning is like heaven. It is 55 degrees out now with a predicted high of 72. I could not ask for anything better.

Pray, pray, pray.
Love, love, love.
Blog, blog, blog.

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: The Colors of Fall by Elizabeth Pellette)


Anonymous said...

My prayers will be with your family. This will be a good thing. I can feel it :)


Paula said...

Oh sounds a interesting and challening time ahead. Challenge in the meaning of postive. OBVIOUSLY. Your daughter put an end to your procrastinating the cleaning ;-))) I will keep you in my thoughts.
Thanks for your kind comment and I am a fussy shopper too however being physically handicapped, particlarly in crowds for the time being, I considered a challende and adventure to shop online. Will know more next week and certainly will have some laughs too pplus raised eyebrows!

Tall Kay said...

I feel a twinge of are blessed in many ways. I am also very excited for you! Change is good, right?

Colleen said...

You have my prayers. Hope all goes well. Letting go of the old, and letting in the new sounds good at this time of year. And I am happy for no air conditioning today too! God bless.

Madison said...

I love turning points. You're in my prayers.

Just Be Real said...

Turning points can be scary. All part of the journey I contribute them to. Thank God, we do have a God that understands and helps us along. This will be a good thing for all parties involved, including Lucky! Blessings dear one. And look forward to posts in the future of how things are progressing.

Steve E. said...

If Kristin says, "I feel"...
Then it's a "done deal".
--rhyme-a-roni said that!

Change is ALWAYS in the air.

Remember "Fly little bird, Fly with the wind. For if you do not, well then, you have sinned"

(MY poem. HA!) Now I have a "fun" job. Beginning next week, that big dog can "walk me" out in the cool brisk air (same air which carries with it, change?)...and thank God I have grown to "love" dogs. I've got to blog that episode...

Love and PEACE, PG!

Dulce said...

Some fen shui you seen to need PG dear. It's great to welcome your daughter home and help her in her journey of life, yes, so beautiful.
Good luck for you all!

sarah said...

Hey PG, you sound so happy and congrats on becoming foster parents to Lucky. Sarah

DreamDancer said...

Turning points, positive changes... ahhh, wonderful. May it all bring joy to you and family. Keep us posted on outcome :)

Andrew said...

All the best to all of you as your house fills up to capacity.

You are amazing to me Anna.

Love to you.

wolfie185 said...

My prayers are with you all. I am sure the change will be challenging and rewarding for all involved. My dog is a wonderful companion and a blessing from God, I hope your new friend does for you and your hubby what mine does for me.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Love, Hugs, and Prayers. ♥♥♥

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow, some amazing changes happening. I think that your daughter having you and your home open up is such a miracle. Cleaning out also is amazing. I send you all love and you're all in my prayers.


Syd said...

Change is definitely coming. I agree about the challenge ahead. It will be a challenge but hopefully all will get through it with God's grace.

It will be good to declutter. Hopefully someone from Goodwill or from an antique store will help out so that things aren't thrown away.