Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monday 10/19/09 - "KINDNESS"


"You can never do a kindness too soon,

for you never know how soon it will be too late."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have learned a little about the art of being kind through the kindnesses that have been shown me. I remember the kindness I felt from so many different people when I reached that 'jumping off' place at the end of my drinking.

At the end I was just one big drink of alcohol. There was little else in my life. I was either drinking, getting over being drunk, or beginning to drink again. It was "always" on my mind. I did not behave in a kind way to those around me, not my family, friends, or employer. I was not capable of it. My mind and body were captured by alcohol and it was all I cared about.

Yet - when I began to reach out for help I found compassion and kindness everywhere. A nurse where I worked intervened with me one day behind my closed office door. She explained to me what was wrong with me and though I was busy trying not to hear her words, still in deep denial, she made an impression and I have never forgotten her caring concern for me.

I had a counselor who I believe was sent into my life by God. She was the perfect person to support me in my first steps into sobriety. She was instrumental in encouraging and arranging for me to be in a 28 day treatment program. She was by my side for years after that until I had developed a sound mind. It says in our Big Book, "Alcoholics Anonymous" that some of us need additional outside help. I was one of those people and she was the person who provided it.

There was a minister whose kindness when I was trying to stop drinking never quit. No matter how many times I met with him for counseling and admitted I was still drinking, he always treated me with loving kindness and continued to encourage me to stop drinking if I ever wanted things to improve. Finally I did.

I had several friends who never deserted me no matter how far down I went into my alcoholism. They were there as I became sicker and sicker. They watched me recover. All these many years later we are still fast friends.

It gives me pleasure and joy to be able to return to others the kindness I was shown. Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon give me limitless opportunities to reach my hand and heart out to others. My volunteer job in the pastoral care department of the local hospital never fails to provide ways to show little kindnesses to people who are sick, frightened, and hurting. There are people in need of kindness and ready to respond to compassion everywhere. I am grateful I have enough to share with others.

Life is good.

Prayer Girl


Steve E. said...

Yes PG, I believe God gives me what I need, then expects me to do His bidding. He has dome this with you, and you have not disappointed Him.

And so He keeps sending you more graces, more powers. I see this, I know this.

Love and Peace!

DreamDancer said...

Your cup is over-filled with compassion... and it flows over to those whom are fortunate enough to cross paths with you. Blessings, dear :)

Tall Kay said...

You have such a kind heart PG. Life is good when we can return the kindness that was given so freely to us.

Little M said...

What a kind post! It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings :) You've inspired me to be a little kinder today.

Shadow said...

unexpected random kindness generally moves me to tears... still, after all this time...

Paula said...

Dear One, for days I ponder about a letter I have to write and I struggled hard finding the right words. You post about kindness was written for me ( or so I like to believe ;-))) and I thank you form the bottom of my heart reminding me why I am where I am today.
I cannot express how much I would wish you could be my sponsor as I never have had one. Mill of hugs, I am grateful you are out there, having found peace and serenity and share so freely.

Madison said...

Your life is a miracle, an inspiration and a message of hope.

Gin said...

Loved this post and YES life IS good!

wolfie185 said...

PG first up, I love the image it is wonderful. When I was reading this I couldn't help thinking of "passing it on" we pass on what was so freely given to us and honor those who gave it to us. You are a shining example of kindness through your actions and words.

Peace Love and Light

Syd said...

I am so glad for you. Your kindness to others shows. It's good to remember those who were kind to me so that I can pass it on.

Steve E. said...

Love the picture: "Pointing the way." Sometimes the "way" is not what I think...

But God is alongside, always!
Why do I trust Him so? Well, He has done great things!!!

Love ya. PEACE!

James Oh said...

PG Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. We need reminders and you have shown us the way to show our kindness to others who need it.

Grace and peace to you,

Mama Zen said...

I believe that it's true that the more you give away the more you have to give.