Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, 11/26 - "ETERNITY"


(FIRST - a short P.S. to yesterday's blog.)
P.S. #1 - Upon first getting sober, I had only one basket. It was the alcoholic basket and it was full of drinking, recovering from being drunk, drinking again, recovering, etc. etc. with a whole lot of fear, remorse, and guilt sprinkled in.
P.S. #2 - The eggs in that one basket were all "putrefying"

Now - on to a hopefully lighter, happier, more spiritual/philosophical note.
Another poem.

The eons of time cascade by
The centuries pass in parade

The years step one into one

And why do I feel entwined?

The months with their seasons spring forth

Into weeks with their days marching forth
Leading irresistibly onward
To everywhere - nowhere at all

And the hours sweep endlessly by

Ticked off by the seconds so brief

And between are the flickers of eye blinks

Into nothing and nothing at all

Yet in that bare blink of the lid

Mirrored there in its' translucent skin

Arrayed out are the eons of time

And I know that I "am" so entwined
Prayer Girl

(Photo: Twin Spiral Galaxies - Image of the Day)


Cat said...

Beautifully done PG. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Zanejabbers said...

PG. Ok, now at least one of these jewels a week, Ok? Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your kids cooking. Got a GrinoGram about that. (Grin)

AlkySeltzer said...

Hey, Prayer Girl...why didn't you tell me you're a poet (poetess?). Well, we've only been married for 18 years! Maybe you were saving it for 20

That is beautiful!


big Jenn said...

Beautiful poetry this AM! Thank you.jeNN

Shadow said...

"leading irresistible onward"
that's it, isn't it. while you're going, you may as well get the most out of it...

Lou said...

I liked that very much.

Have a wonderful Holiday.

Jessica said...


I just wanted to pop on and say a quick thank you to you for being a part of the fellowship with me. I'm so grateful to have gained strength and love through you and Mr-aroni!

You have both become beloved parts of my day and I carry you and the fellowship with me and hope I represent it well when I go to make these amends to my brother and parents.

Thanks again for the beauty and joy you bring to my day!

Happy thanksgiving!

Peace, love and joy that surpasses all understanding be with you!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing poetess you are, I would love to read more! Thank you for this!

Happy Thanksvgiving and all the gratitude in the world to you!


Syd said...

That's a wonderful poem. Time goes by so fast and the hours do sweep endlessly by. But like you said it all leads to our being entwined with the universe. And it leads to an everlasting place where time doesn't matter.

mile191 said...

thank you so much for reading me, and for giving me such kindness. your words have given me strength today. and i appreciate your prayers. i feel as though i am close to falling apart. i am only 45 days sober. this healing journal is new to me and i have found people who are really supportive and kind. i didn't expect that. thank you so much. ♥

i will come back often, for strength. you write so well. and have so much faith, hope, and peace in your words.

♥Shann♥ said...

I love this!! Good morning PG and happy thanksgivng eve

Annette said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Amysplash said...

i dont think i new what it was ither at age 10 i just did it i hated myself and i deserved it i dont go to A.A anymore but have been sober a year now i do go to alaon once in awhile thank you for stoping by much love amy

Findon said...

Wonderful poem. It sort of made me sad that I had robbed time of its outcome for many years. Now I wonder if I'm trying to grab it back.